Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Cast: Cathe & five background exercisers.

Music: Sounds similar to some of the songs in High Reps & Lower Body Blast (fun music to move to).

Equipment: step w/ 1 riser for step portion. The bonus (sequenced into premixes) bootcamp segment uses a loop resistance band & few pairs of dumbbells (light-heavy).

This is a 57 min. cardio workout w/ step, HiiT (high & low impact), & bootcamp (mix of cardio & total body resistance exercises) segments. There are 9 premixes that mix in the different segments for a lot of variety & workouts w/ different durations of time. The step segment has choreography that was not too difficult to pick up (repetition & Cathe’s cues are on time), but it does move quickly (from the warm-up), and there are a lot of different step exercises (more than the basic ones I am used to doing, I did have to rewind to learn some moves that I was not familiar with). There are some athletic cardio exercises mixed into the step segment (jumping jacks variations, plyo variations, sprawls) which was nice (increase heart rate up, mix up monotony of just step exercises). There are timers for seconds (work & rest) for the Hiit (hi & lo) segments but not the others. The workout is well-chaptered but very little modifications demoed, the Bootcamp segment did have some (none for step or Hiit Hi), but the HiiT Lo is low impact & w/out torquey exercises, too.

I really like the Hiit & Bootcamp segments, so the premixes w/ them are my favorites. Using just the step premix is enough cardio for me because the arms are active w/ the legs (lots of explosive exercises). I plan to use the shorter premixes more than the full workout or longer premixes (generally prefer 45 min. or less duration of time for a video cardio workout). Overall a great workout (a real blast, time went by quickly) w/ a lot variety in exercises and intensity (but there are active rests sequenced into all of the segments).

Full workout

Warm-up (uses step, 5 min.)

Inhale/overhead arms, exhale/lower arms> basic step, 3 reps, then rear leg extension, repeat on other side, repeat once> Step knee, Touch back (knee on step, step back to tap rear), 4 reps> Toe Tap Behind (step on step, other leg taps toe behind it, arms reach out to side w/ tap), alternating sides, 4 reps> repeat sequence on other side, starting w/ Step knee, Touch back on other side, repeat once> Dynamic Outer Thigh (step,leg abductions, step down & tap, facing side), 4 reps> Insole Around the World (step, tap insole of other foot, straddle, rotating foot tapped w/ each rep, 2 reps facing one side, turn to other side for next 2 reps), 4 reps (2 rotations to face other side)> repeat sequence on other side starting w/ Dynamic Outer Thigh, repeat twice (second repeat, add hesitation at insole tap, then straddle quickly).

Hamstring curl front & back (front: hamstring curl on step at corner of step, turn back to hamstring curl on floor/diagonal> Hip flexor repeater (one knee on corner of step, step back foot on floor for hip flexor push forward, then knee)> Hamstring curl front & back on other side> Over facing over (over top of step, facing side & turn inward to face other side), alternating sides> Hamstring curl front & back on same side then Hip Flexor repeater> Hamstring curl front & back, then Over facing over on other side>Hamstring curl front & back on same side then Hip Flexor repeater other side, then other side, then Hamstring curl front & back, Over facing over.

V-step on top, step down for V-step on ground, shuffle feet, alternate sides> alternating knees, then alternating kicks (1 rep per side)> Repeat sequence, add repeater after alternating knees> repeat first sequence again> then sequence w/ knee repeater.

Figure 8 (step on corner, pivot turn w/ a knee, walk off step, then step, turn w/ knee on other foot, opposite arm to knee up, reaches overhead w/ turn) 3 times, then Bow & arrow (step, knee lift off side, then heel of other leg (straight) taps on step, knee lift to return to start), repeat on other side.

Repeaters (facing corners)>Alternating knees (corner to corner).

Step (24 min.)

Repeaters (on corners), then 2 basic steps>, other side, 2 times> Reverse Ricochet (step, other leg knee lift & body rotates to briefly face other side, the knee lift leg, taps the foot on floor (behind step), reverse direction), then 1 jumping jack 2 times> repeat entire sequence> add L-step,then 2 jumping jacks, L-step of the back, then 1 plyo jack, 2 times> 3 plyo jacks, then 1 diagonal plyo jack> repeat entire sequence> Quarter turn jumps, 8 reps per side.

Basic step (left), 4 reps> hamstring curl (corner to corner), 2 reps per side> Quarter turn jumps, other side lead, 8 reps per side> basic step (right), then hamstring curls (corner to corner)> Uneven lunges (face side), 1 rep each side, (arm circles to move sides) then “Swim back” (alternating lunges traveling back w/ single arm reach forward), repeat w/ “swim forward”> repeat sequence> Pull-downs (alternate side lunges w/ arms overhead & pulling down), 8 reps per side> Push Up in place (side lunge, jump up w/ overhead arms reaching up), 4 reps, Over the top, repeat other side, 2 times> 1uneven lunge> marches> Repeater> Power 3 w/ arm circles (other corner), repeat on other side> repeat sequence on other side (starting w/ Uneven lunges).

Power 15 (8 reps w/ arm circles, 7 w/ arms pushing up), both sides> 1 jumping jacks, then 2 air jacks, 4 times> jumping rope> basic step, the hop turn, other side> repeat entire sequence> Mambo on corner, 3 reps, then step kick (on step), repeat on other side> add single arm punch to Mambo (same side arm that steps, punches forward)> Figure 8, Mambo w/ punch, step kick, the 4 Jump kicks (on step), others side> repeat twice.

Jump on step, jump right, jump left, jump right, then squat (on side) cha cha (over the top), and reverse motion> Tap off (knees), 8 reps, then leg lifts/abductions (w/ arm sweep, overhead to the side), 16 reps> Power 7 (corner w/ arm circles)> Jump Rope Around the world (step, 2 knee hops, straddle, alternating foot on step each time, 2 reps per side, then rotate for other side)> repeat sequence on other side> Repeat entire sequence (add hesitation to squat before cha cha).

Step, knee touch back, 2 times, then Power Scissor, 4 reps> Knee Off the side (of step) then Over facing (over the top & rotate to face opposite side of step), 3 reps> face side for lunge, 2 pulses, switch legs (w/ a jump), 4 reps> 3 singles (lunge jumps), turn to side 1 squat> Box step (off step) Cha cha, step hop> repeat sequence on other side> repeat entire sequence again> Step Hop (corner to corner)> marches.

*Cardio Blasts are added in between each combination, for the next half of workout*

Power 15 (8 reps w/ arm circles, 7 w/ arms pushing up)> Scoop twice (step, other leg has bent leg/hamstring curl), scoop turn, Over the Top, down tap, corner hop (to face front), repeat once> Fast feet, 16 reps per side, jump rope> repeat sequence on other side> Air jumps (squat jumps w/ both arms reaching overhead), 24 reps> Active rest (side step> grapevine> side step).

Around the World/Step knee (w/ power), down tap (leg rear) 3 reps, then knee straddle to change direction (1 each corner)> Around the World Abduction Repeater> Power turn & squats(one leg on step), 6 reps, Rock back, Pump it Up (step, ham curl w/ overhead arms), 3 reps> Back it up (off step, travel backwards), then shoot on floor(motion w/ arms & knee lift), then on step> Repeat sequence on other side> Alternating side jumps, 3 reps, then 1 tuck jump, 8 times> active rest (side step, grapevine, side step, marches).

Up jack (on step), Rock back, jump twice, repeater> V-step, pivot turn, slow basic, then tempo> turn side for straddle squats (squat, face front two jumps on step), 4 reps, then face front for 3 lunges pulses, 1 front kick, 2 times> split jumps (hands on hips), 8 reps> marches> 4 jumping jacks> repeat sequence on other side> Plie jacks w/ heel clicks, 16 reps> Sprawls (hands on step) w/ 2 punches at top of exercise (wide stance, bent knees on jump put to plank position), 4 reps> repeat sequence twice> active rest (marches, side step, grapevine).

Hiit Hi (10 min.)

Side Jumps (arms help w/ momentum-reach overhead w/ jump, lower to sides & back w/ lower), 16 alternating reps> Bunny Hops (side jumps w/ less bend in knees, faster pace than previous jumps, hands behind ears), 6 alternating reps & jumping jack (1 rep), 4 times> repeat entire sequence again> 20 seconds for active rest (shuffle feet, marches).

Jumping jacks, 8 reps> Leaps to side (leap w/ lead foot to side w/ same side arm overhead reach, opposite leg is abducts then steps in to meets other foot), 3 reps, then 1 rep jumping jack, then 3 reps air jacks, 1 rep tuck jump> repeat on other side, 3 times> 30 seconds active rest (shuffle feet, marches).

Wide Stance Sumo Sprawl (feet turned out & bent knees on the jump into plank position, reverse motion, then jump), then 4 heel clicks (then land in lowered position of plie), 6 times> 30 sec. active rest (marches, step touch/side step).

Forward Jumps (facing side), 3 reps, jump to face opposite side, then side jumps, 4 reps> repeat on other side, 3 times> 30 second rest (marches, side step).

Squat thrust (perform air angle/jack at return to standing position), 8 reps (30 sec.)> 30 seconds rest (marches, side step).

Scissor lunges (2 reps), then sumo tuck (wide stance tuck jump), 6 times> active rest> repeat on other side> active rest (heel lifts, side steps).

Wide stance (plie) jumps (hands reach up w/ lift), 2 reps, then leap frog jumps (1 forward, 1 back, hands reach for floor, flat back), 2 reps, repeat 7 times> active rest (marches).

Leap frogs, 8 reps> brief rest>repeat once> active rest (side step,marches).

Hiit Lo (11 min.)

Climb the rope (plie position, lift heels to rise, alternating arms, mimic pulling a rope down), 3 reps, then turn to side, lunge position, w/ elbow strike in lowered position, 1 rep, 8 times> brief rest> repeat on other side> active rest (marches).

Squat digs (heels lifts, then rise onto balls of feet, w/ arms overhead, then arms pull down & back w/ squat, fast pace), 32 reps> active rest (marches).

Reach & lunge (alternating side lunge w/ alternating arm reach, upper body rotates to side w/ lunge), 16 reps> 16 reps w/ alternating arm reach to floor> brief rest> repeat sequence again> active rest (marches).

Static lunge pulses, 3 reps w arms to side of body, 1 rep w/ overhead reach & pull down w/ arms & higher lift w/ legs, 7 times> plie squats, 4 reps> repeat on other side> active rest (marches).

Puddle jumpers (alternating really wide, side step/step touch, hands on hips, foot taps in back of other foot), 16 reps> light laterals (w/ more power than previous, alternating arm reach), 16 reps> side steps, 8 reps> repeat sequence again.

Windmills (alternating step, leg abductions “swings” w/ alternating arms opening to sides for 1 rep, cross in front of chest for 1 rep), 7 reps, then 1 rep step tap (arms cross), 6 times> active rest (side steps)> repeat on other side> active rest (side steps).

Air squats (fast-paced deep squat, arms reach forward w/ lowered position, pull back w/ lift), 32 reps> brief rest (marches)> repeat on other side> active rest (side step, grapevine, & marches).

Stretch (6:35 min.)

Inhale, overhead arms, exhale, lower arms, 3 times> clasp hands overhead, side bend> repeat sequence> chest (place fists on back, shoulders back, chin up)> inhale w/ overhead arms> lunging calf stretch w/ hands clasped, arms in front of body> standing hip flexor stretch> inhale & arms overhead> repeat on other side> hinge forward, then forward bend> upward forward bend, then forward bend> clasp hands behind head> roll up to standing position.

Cat/cow stretch> child’s pose> walk hands to side for lat stretch, both sides> cobra pose> down dog> prone glute stretch, both sides> down dog> walk hands into feet, pull toes of one foot up for calf stretch, both sides> chest stretch (wide stance, flat back, one hand on floor, other reaches upwards), both sides.

Bonus Bootcamp (12:40 min): uses loop resistance band & dumbbells (light-heavy, Cathe uses 8 & 10 lbs.). Cathe & crew are wearing lifting gloves.

Plyo Jump in a T formation (forward, side, back, then plyo jack), then 2 reps air jacks, alternate sides, 4 times.

Squat presses (w/ dumbbells): 16 reps, fast pace.

Sumo Squats (step to side into sumo squat, alternate sides, arms open to sides, palms up, then down): 16 reps per side> line taps (similar squat but w/ flat back & arm reach for floor) 8 reps per side> side step.

Functional Rotational Lunges (uses moderate-heavy dumbbells): start facing front w/ dumbbells (held next to shoulders, palms facing each other)> turn body to face side & lunge, then rotate body to other side by pivoting (on balls of feet), and then perform shoulder press, 8 reps> face front for Lateral raises (bent arms), 6 reps> brief rest> repeat on other side> shoulder shrugs, 8 reps.

Inhale w/ overhead arms, exhale, twice> jumping jacks, 2 reps front, 2 reps (turn to)side, 4 jabs w/ shuffle feet (move back), face front, repeat on other side, 3 times> marches.

Biceps curls w/ squats (w/ dumbbells): squat w/ bicep curl, isometric hold in lowered position, 1 rep biceps curls, stand up, 12 times. Modification: use lighter weights.

Jumping rope, 16 reps> alternate double hop on one foot, 4 reps per side> Pendulum (alternate step, leg abductions, fast-paced, arms swing to same side as leg abducting), 8 reps per side> high knees (turned out), 8 reps per side> repeat sequence, twice, starting w/ pendulum> marches.

Firewalkers (side step w/ loop band around ankles): 2 steps to side, 2 alternating single steps in place, repeat on other side, 12 reps.

Side plank w/ crunch (band is placed thigh level/above knees, lie on side w/ stacked legs, bottom leg & arm bent> top arm overhead & leg extension w/ hip raise, then lower body and bring arm & leg into body for crunch): 16 reps per side. Modification: static hold for hips, no lifting & lowering w/ exercise.

Push-ups: 24 reps> brief rest> 12 reps. Modification: push-ups on knees.


Maximum Intensity (70:21 min.)

Step Only (36:30 min.)

Step + Hiit (Hi) + Boot Camp (59:09 min.)

Step + HiiT (Lo) + Boot Camp (60:23 min.)

Timesaver: Step + Hiit (Hi) (46:26 min.)

Timesaver: Step + Hiit (Lo) (47:40 min.)

Timesaver: Double Hiit + Boot Camp (45:44 min.)

Timesaver: Hiit (Lo) + Boot Camp (35:49 min.)