RevAbs Strength & Endurance

Brett Hoebel
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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This is from the RevAbs basic set series (phase 2), and is a 37 min. total body circuit of resistance & short cardio segment (athletic & capoiera) at the end of each round. There are 3 rounds w/ the same exercises but the last round, called the “spice round” has the more challenging variations on the exercises. This is a good workout (I think one of the best of the RA workouts), I like the resistance exercises, the cardio segment is simple (kind of boring) but for the purpose of increasing the heart rate, it works.

Music: canned music, very forgettable (I prefer to play my own music, and mute the workout)

Set: simple & neat set: mostly grey colors, only equipment & cast on set.

There are 3 background exercisers, with one demoing low impact/intensity modifications (she also demos the band variations). Two of the background exercisers, Claudia & Chad have good form & energy.

Equipment: dumbbells/resistance bands & mat

I liked the repeating rounds w/ a bit of variation, and the workouts can be modified for time constraints (just complete 1-2 rounds for a short or light day workout) or for more intensity, perform all round w/ the Spice round variations or add another round.


Side Step w/ alternating single arm sweep

Balanca: legs in lowered squat position/bent knees, alternate shifting from side to side. Elbows are bent w/ arms held horizontally in front of body, and w/ hands facing each other, bottom hand palm up, upper hand is palm down. With each side shift, the hands change (bottom hand moves to top & top moves to bottom).

Alternating side lunge> side lunge hold/adductor stretch> alternate runner’s lunge w/ bent inner elbow and pyramid pose> standing hip flexor stretch w/ overhead arms (palms up, fingers face each other)> same position w/ lower body w/ angling upper body & arms to side for stretch.

Bent knees, hands on thighs, flat back w/ alternating torso rotation & shoulder drops.

Repeat sequence on other side> standing roll ups> jumping jacks (quarter turn to face four directions, 4 reps all sides, 1st round turning to the right, 2nd round turning to the left, 8 reps front, 4 reps all other sides> 8 reps front.

Round 1

Woodchopper: uses one dumbbell held w/ both hands, alternating side lunge w/ a chop to the side, 12 reps per side (the foot that leads movements/steps out is turned out, the chop is aimed at shin level or below). Modification: no resistance used.

Renegade row: 1 Push-up w/ 1 alternating single arm row in plank position, 6 times.

Side Squat: dumbbells rest on shoulders or on top of chest (palms each other), alternating stepping out out side>squat> shoulder press during lift of squat exercise (palms face front on lift), 6 reps per side.

Hoebel curl: bicep curl into bent elbow hold at shoulder level (palms face back of room)> open/rotate arms to shoulder press (lowered) position> close arms to return to elbow hold in front of face to starting position (lowering part of biceps curl), 12 reps.

Queda de Qautro (on all fours): seated w/ bent knees, heels on floor, arms to side of body> 2 counts to raise hips off of floor & 1 count hold (chest, hips & knees are the same level, feet flat on floor)> 1 count to return to starting position w/ straight legs(lower body does not touch floor, held up by arms & upper body), 12 reps. Modification: less lift/smaller range of motion on hip raise.

Martelo combo: step, tap w/ arm sweep> step, tap, knee lift> step, tap, side kick> Step tap w/ arm sweep> booty time (8 pulses in lowered squat position)> repeat sequence on other side.

Rev Anthem: talk test w/ hand gestures (yes, it's cheesy).

Mercy (rest): water break

Round 2: cues to add more intensity in this round


Renegade row

Side Squat

Hoebel curl: cued to place feet together for more challenging variation, and add heavier resistance if needed.

Queda de Qautro

Martelo combo: add plie/sumo squat after the knee lifts & kicks.

Rev Anthem

Mercy (rest): water break

Round 3/Spice Round

Woodchopper: lift up foot before stepping into lunge & add circle around back of head w/ weight (halo), after chop & lunge on one side.

Renegade row: add alternating single leg raise in air w/ push-up (change leg after each time through).

Side Squat: add knee lift, after squat (opposite leg as the one stepping to side).

Hoebel curl: perform standing on one leg (other leg has knee lift hold), switch legs after 6 reps. Cues to drop down in weight.

Queda de Qautro (on all fours): add alternating push kick & straight leg hold w/ hip raise.

Martelo combo: Add more explosiveness (hop into movements) for most of the exercises.

Rev Anthem: talk test w/ hand gestures.

Mercy (active rest): water break


Side step w/ arm sweep> balanca> side lunges> static hold side lunge>runner’s lunge> hip flexor stretch w/ arms overhead> Bent knees, hands on thighs, flat back w/ alternating torso rotation & shoulder drops> repeat on other side> inhale/roll down w/ back to squat, then exhale/round back & roll up> arms overhead in standing position.

Instructor Comments:
Brett gives great form pointers & instruction, but then he acts too goofy/Mr. Cool wannabe at times (channeling Tony Horton) w/ some comments. Muting the video works well for me.