Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga

Gillian Marloth
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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“Yoga Booty Ballet: Pure & Simple Yoga” is a 27 min. yoga workout led by Gillian Marloth. It is chaptered, and there is no timer or exercise names displayed (the standard w/ Beachbody workouts). The workout is composed of basic yoga poses (standing & floor), w/ clear cues & form pointers. The bulk of the standing poses are either plank variations & forward bends, while the floor exercises are more varied. Gillian does cue the poses in Sanskrit w/ the translation, but she says the Sanskrit words so quickly it’s hard to understand. I think the exercise name (Sanskrit or translation) should have been displayed on the screen for users. Since the workout is geared towards beginners to yoga, it would be helpful. I used this workout as an add-on to others (extended stretch), and it could work as a light day workout, too. The background exerciser who demos the beginner modifications did not always have proper form (head not in neutral position, when should be), and she looked awkward/uncomfortable w/ some poses (maybe not much practice w/ yoga before filming this), but Gillian & the other background exerciser have good form.

Equipment: mat, optional towel or blanket (for beginner’s modifications).

Music: upbeat instrumental, sounds like a pop-type version of Indian music.

Set: mostly white walls w/ some purple & mustard-colored walls, grey carpet, equipment (towels, water bottles, stability balls in background, faux windows w/ grey outline & blue lighting

Cast: two background exercisers, female demos beginner modifications, the males demos some advanced variations.

Exercises (not in order, just grouped by type)

Gillian starts off by discussing some of the benefits of yoga.

Seated w/ crossed legs: rub hands together (generate tapas/heat)> hands clasped together (heel of hands rest between chest), set intention/goal.

Plank position: static hold, mini-push-ups (small range of motion), straight leg lift & static holds: plank position> leg lift front leg w/ pointed toe for standing split/leg high> flex foot> “Barbie doll” foot, only toes are flexed. Bent knee lift & hold in plank: knee to nose pose, knee lift out to side (hip/knee turned out, fire hydrant)> cross body bent leg (under chest). Side plank.
Downward dog: alternating front knee bends, bend knees & jump to meet hands.

Standing Forward bends: upward forward bend w/ flat back or rounded back w/ different arm patterns (tips of fingers on floor, hands on hips, hands clasped & arms extended behind back, reverse swan dive to standing position).

Low lunge (knee on floor), high lunge.

Warrior 2, Reverse warrior

Child’s pose, Cat/cow

Bird Dog: standard opposite arm & leg reach, Move & reach out to sides, standard position & w/ extend (upward)

Seated forward bend> reverse plank, hold then w/ alternating leg lift & hold.

Seated twist w/ bent knees.

Supine twist: lie supine (face up) w/ extended legs> pull one knee into chest & hold> cross knee & lower to floor (twist)> extend leg to side> lift leg to vertical position, turn out hip/knee & slowly lower to floor.

Corpse pose: lie supine w/ legs apart & hands to side.