CLX Extreme Core Circuit

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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This workout is unique in that it uses weighted gloves along with the stability ball. Lots and lots of crunching happening here but with Chalene's Turbo Kick spin. If you are familiar with TK / TF, several moves like rows and the wheel were incorporated here but on the ball into crunch variations. It almost felt a bit choreographed here and there which I thought was really nice for a core workout. The title of this one leaves me scratching my head....I wouldn't consider this one "extreme", as it is pretty short at about 11 minutes total including warm up and stretch. And, it is not a circuit workout either so that's a bit misleading. Overall, I think this one is OK - not my favorite core workout but no dread factor here either.



This workout is from the second deluxe “fat-burning” series of Chalean Extreme, and is paired w/ the Lower Body Extreme workout. Chalene instructs w/ four background exercisers. It is a 11 min. abs/core workout that uses a stability ball for crunch variations (center & oblique) and some TJ exercises on the ball (Zig zag, wheel, row). I usually don’t use the supplemental abs workouts included w/ video programs or DVDs (don’t think they’re needed if primary workouts have core/ab focus w/ stabilizer/assistance in exercises or a few ab/core exercises sprinkled into the workouts). But this is a good workout, short and the use of the ball provides cushion/support for the lower back, while instability for the abs/core because one has to work to stay on the ball. Chalene performs the entire workout while instructing, and provides clear cues & form pointers.

Equipment: stability ball, w/ optional use of weighted gloves.

Warm-up: Seated on ball: alternating side to side hips (5 each direction)> alternating pelvic tuck front & arch back (8 each direction)> hip circles 2 slow, 4 fast (in both directions)> 2 reps of each at a fast pace> contract forward & extend back (more dramatic version of the pelvic tuck front & arch back), 4 reps.

Crunches: wide stance of legs, hands behind of head (w/ bent elbows). Chalene cues this as the “easy position,” ball is the middle of the back & the hips are low, 8 reps of 2 counts up & down, then 8 single reps> transition body higher up on ball the “difficult position” where the “ball rests in small of spine,” perform same number of reps & pace as previous exercise.

Obliques: position body in “easy position,” perform alternating oblique crunches, 2 reps slow each side, then 4 faster reps each side> transition into “difficult position” and perform same number of reps & pace as previous exercise> stretch (body lies face up, back & head rests on ball, arms reach overhead w/ laced fingers, legs can be bent or straightened).

Obliques & Pulses: cued to position body in middle position between easy & difficult, perform alternating oblique crunches, 4 reps each side, then 8 pulses (center) w/ hands stacked/arms straightened in front of body> 2 reps each side, then 8 pulses, repeat twice> 1 rep each side, then 4 pulses repeat three times.

Roll w/ Leg Lift: start with back lying on ball w/ both hands on the ball, roll up into seated position, and one leg bends & comes off of the floor> alternate legs, 5 reps each side. Modification: both feet stay on floor.

Crunches: in moderate position on ball w/ varied arm positions (advanced: both arms straightened, overhead, intermediate: one arm straightened, one bent, beginners: arms cross chest or arms behind head), 8 reps of 2 counts up & down> Pulses w/ same arm positions (8 reps).

Zig Zag & Reach: alternating oblique crunch, 2 reps each side, then 2 (center) pulses, 6 times> 1 rep each side, 1 pulse, 8 times> Pulses, 15 reps> stretch (same as before, back lying over ball w/ overhead arms).

Crunches: 20 reps, fast pace>Wheel (looks like oblique crunch w/ open arms out to side & bent to 90 degrees) 2 counts: 6 reps each side> faster pace: 8 counts total, 4 to come up off ball and 4 to return back to starting position on the ball (alternating sides), 4 reps> Row: alternate rows w/ straight arms/clasped hands on each side with a crunch, 4, 2 count reps, then 8 fast, single reps> stretch.