URX MT: Kick Box Metabolic Interval

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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Amy leads this workout in a brick gym with 4 b/g exercisers. You will need a rebounder and a set of 1-3 pound sand weights (which Amy uses to up the intensity for the vast majority of the w/o). The majority of this workout is done on the rebounder, but some of the exercises require you to move across the UR or have one foot on, one off, etc. This is a 53 min cardio kickboxing workout that ends with a fun corework segment.

This is the 3rd URX-MT w/o I've done and this is the most advanced so far- loved it! The format is a cardio kickboxing segment followed by an intensity burst and you finish with an awesome core section. During the punch combos the b/g'ers arent bouncing too intensely- but you can easily up your bounce factor for a seriously heart pumping workout- I did and I was a sweaty mess by the end. It would be very easy to stay on the UR for the entire workout if you are uncomfortable with those moves or dont have the space (though not a lot of space was required at all).

Cardio Exercises Include: Lots of great punch & kick combos, burpee off the UR- gorilla climb up into a kick combo, hop 1 foot off the UR w/ a hammer puch, single leg hop, jump kicks with punches, mogul jabs, cross country w/ big weighted arm movements, knife punches and tuck jumps, 1 foot off the UR with an elbow strike, and over the top (horizontal) over the UR. After a quick cooldown- you move on the Core Work: kneeling on the UR punching down, rock & roll around the world, standing on the UR- hand walking out to plank & back, and low V hovers.

I like Amy in this one and found her very motivating as a "bootcamp drill sergeant." Done as is (without adding in more intense bouncing during the punch combos) I rate this a high intermediate. Adding in those bounces and its low advanced- I was VERY well worked by the end. I really think the level changes by getting on and off the UR add to the intensity, like a step adds to the intensity of floor cardio. Nothing dangerous or scary about any of the exercises in this. LOVE that Amy uses the sand weights for almost the entire workout- really upped the intensity! I received this dvd to review