URX MT: Core Metabolic Cardio

Patrick Goudeau
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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This is a 52 minute cardio & strength interval rebounding workout led by Patrick. in a nice gym set. Patrick works out with 3 backgrounders. You will need a rebounder and 1-3 lb sand weights for this workout. After a 5 minute warmup you move into the 40 minutes of cardio & (light) strength intervals and finish with a stretch. The workout is structured in blocks of 5 min of cardio followed by 5 (or less) minutes of strength work.

This is the 2nd dvd I have done in the URX-MT set and I have really enjoyed both! They are much higher intensity than the orignials, better leads, and more variety of exercises. The exercises are all straight forward and athletic- easy to follow along to but not boring. Patrick does include some exercises that you get on and off the rebounder- and I felt that the level changes really added to the workout intensity and added a very functional feel. I am super uncoordinated and had no issues getting on and off the rebounder.

Exercises Include: fast in and outs, fast bounce, v steps, knee ups, going from the floor across the UR, lunging onto the UR with a balance knee & hop, running up to the UR- stepping down to the floor, high knees run, clock taps w/ 1 leg on the UR & 1 off, static knee pulls (1 leg off 1 leg on), side lunge off the UR, travel squats over the UR, burpees, and jacks & tuck jumps. With hands on the UR & feet on the floor:, Mt. Climbers, walking planks, plank-arm hop to hi plank, & pikes. Patrick includes "new" UR arm movements that add to the fun factor.

I would rate this a high intermediate cardio workout that includes some light toning. I will use it as a cardio w/o as I do w/ some of the pink Firms. As with all rebounding workouts- you def get out what you put in. I worked up a great sweat and found this workout to be a great intensity! Patrick cracks me up- one of hte b/gers is Tracey from the original UR w/o's (super high energy, all over the place) and he actually made fun of her- which provided me with additional ab work laughing- very funny stuff, love laughing along with the crew during a good w/o! I am super happy with this workout and have high hopes for the rest of the set- so far both Ive reviewed have 5 star ratings from me! I received this dvd to review.