Jane Fonda's Workout: Ultra Bootcamp

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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Jeanette leads this 60 minute workout alone in a nice open set with hardwood floors and a blue fogged background w/ panels (nice set!). You will need dumbbells for the strength segment. Jeanette says 3-5 #'s but I used a variety of heavier dumbbells.

The cardio work is done first, followed by the strength so you can easily break the workout into two separate workouts. The cardio is straightforward athletic bootcamp style cardio including calisthenics, kickboxing, and sports drills. The strength work includes plenty of combo moves to keep your heartrate up while building muscle and concludes with a core section and a stretch.

Cardio: (26 min) Exercises include jogging + speedbag, lots of great punch & kick combos, some fun basketball drills, power knee pulls, kick to floor touch, plank to squat, shuffle floor touch, fast feet w/ a torso twist, burpee-pushup-side plank combo, standing oblique crunch, skaters, and other fun athletic style cardio.

Strength: (21 min) Exercises include back fly w/ rear toe tap, row to fly, stationary lunge & bi curl, pulsing lunges w/ shoulder raise, pliet & upright row, tri kickback w/ glute raise, dip & shoulder raise to 1 leg deadlift, rotator cuff & inner thigh raise, demi pliet w/ French press, pushups, tricep pushups, donkey kick series, boat pose, bicycle, and roll ups. Lots of good multi muscle moves!

I rate this a high intermediate workout that can be adapted to fit the needs of most exercisers. The choreo is easy to catch onto but not boring- I love bootcamp and I love Jeanette so I knew this would be a winner for me. I dont know how its possible but Jeanette looks even more fit in this one! She is so much fun to work out with- you can really tell she is having a good time (not giggly at all but has a great energy!) Keep the good ones coming! I received this dvd to review.