Supreme 90:Chest & Back

Tom Holland
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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I feel nice with this quick intense routine.
My lifelong partner Emilio and I do it on schedule and together we feel best when we get to the back workout.
To engage in harmony and sheer extasy as we superset to.the climatic end of out loving session is a testament to the endearing lust for our daily workouts of loyalty love and muscular harmony.
Soon we will add other couples to our secretive workouts of pumping pleasure.
Our physiques are exquisite now and together we will become...💑

Arank Famadio


This workout is part of the 10-DVD Supreme 90 set developed and led by Tom Holland. Because this is the first DVD in the rotation, it also includes the introduction, which is about one minute long and cannot be skipped, unfortunately. This is completely chest and back focused, clocking in at just over 30 minutes. The DVD menu allows you to choose the warm up (same on all the S90 DVDs as far as I can tell), and the workout. The workout itself is not chaptered.

As with all S90 workouts, Tom does not do the exercises (he occasionally demonstrates a move); there are one woman and two men who do the workout. The exercises are at your own pace, and he asks that you try to complete 8-12 reps per exercise. This workout is set up as two exercises repeated twice (three sets total), then move on to the next set. One of the exercises is for chest, the other for back, in each circuit. On paper I thought that would be sort of boring and repetitive, but it actually moved quite quickly and was very engaging. Thankfully one of the exercises (one of the men) was slower than the others, allowing the home exerciser to also take a little more time to complete sets before Tom moved on. There is a brief rest as Tom or a backgrounder demonstrated the moves in the next set.

Please see Lindsey’s description of the exercises. The first circuit was (unweighted) core focused, as an additional “warm up” to the weighted work. About a third of the exercises used a stability ball, and a variety of dumbbells are used as well. I used my 4, 6, 10, 12, and 15# pairs, which felt challenging but doable with good form. As expected, there are several pushup varieties to work the chest (along with chest flies), a really interesting upper cut move which I felt worked the back and core more than the chest (which it was intended for), some row variations to work the back including a tough superman type row on the stability ball, which I needed to use the 4# bells for. The final circuit was pushups and renegade rows, which was TOUGH at this point once the chest and back were fatigued. The workout really was focused on chest and back, but there was some core and leg work in there as well due to the functional type moves. I was really sweating by the end, great for a shortish upper body workout! I had serious DOMS afterwards as well. I also had some DOMS in my triceps, which were probably quite fatigued from the pushup work.

Final thoughts: This workout fits in well to the S90 rotation. It is not really valuable as a standalone workout due only two muscle groups being focused on. I admit I am not the biggest fan of split workouts, but felt I got a lot of work in for such a short time, and felt the time was enough to fatigue my muscles without getting bored, and it got my heart rate up. The time flew by and it was quite challenging, but still very doable. I would consider the workout to be high intermediate but it could easily be made advanced (or light intermediate) by varying the poundage and intensity of the exercises. I did not care for the music, it was both quiet and was also a spooky slowish instrumental that reminded me of a horror movie (?), but it’s a minor complaint. Overall grade A-.

Instructor Comments:
This is the third S90 workout I have tried, and continue to appreciate Tom as an instructor. No, he does not do the workout, but comments on how hard his backgrounders are working, and really promotes women especially to challenge themselves with heavier weights. He speaks clearly, isn’t too chatty but gives plenty of cues to keep you up with the fast moving workout, and is pretty nice to look at too! I would check out any new workouts he came out with, I really like his quick moving circuit style.

Emily B.


Tom leads this 32 minute workout in a lifting gym style set. Tom instructs PT style with 3 background exercisers actually performing all the moves. The dvd is chaptered into warmup, workout, and cooldown (the warmup is the same for most the discs in this series).

This workout is structured so you perform two exercises and repeat them 3 times. After each circuit Tom shows the exercises in the upcoming circuit. You will need dumbbells & a stability ball for this workout but no ball modifications are shown. Like many of the S90 w/o' s the first circuit is a core circuit (love that we can get some core w/o in that way!)

Exercises include: bike, supreme crunch, pushups, rows, chest press, single arm drop, prone ball press, decline ball pushup, deadlift, dumbbell upper cuts, chest fly on ball, upper back extension on ball, and push up to plank rows.

I rate this a high intermediate workout depending on the poundage you use- you can really adjust this and all the S90 w/o's to meet your needs though. The pace is perfect for me- slow enough to really heavy up quick enough to get your heart pumping and to keep things moving right along. But as w/ all S90 w/o's you go at your own pace & do 8-12 reps of each exercise. Tom is a great lead- very motivating & emphasizes women using heavy weights (yay!). Received this dvd to review.