GSP RushFit Stretching for Flexibility

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This workout is about 37 min., and is included on the RF bonus workouts DVD (the Balance & Agility workout is paired w/ it). Erik, Georges and one background exerciser (Victoria, low impact modifier) are in the work section. There is a warm-up, the same one in all of the RF workouts. This is a solid stretch workout w/ a nice mix of standing and floor exercises (former performed first), some of the exercise from the RF warm-up and cool-down are incorporated into it but with different tempos and variations in the exercises (build off an exercise/transition into a variation). There are static and dynamic stretches (some joint mobility) in the main exercises section (warm-up is mostly dynamic w/ some isometric holds).

I like this workout, it hits everything in under 40 mins (not generally fond of yoga workouts, so athletic stretch workouts, like this one, is very appealing to me). I don’t think one really needs to warm-up for 10 min., unless he/she is really feels it’s needed. The joint mobility exercises (first 8) in the main section can really serve as a warm-up, or just a shorter 3-5 min. warm-up would be fine (if one needs it). Also, the workout could be split up into standing & floor sections (if needing a shorter stretch workout, the standing section is total body focused, while the floor section is lower body focused). I have used this as a stand-alone workout or after another workout (skip the warm-up).

Warm-up (10:50 min)- 10 exercises performed for 1 minute each.

Torso twists

Side bend (alternating sides)

Walk out arms to plank position/walk feet into standing/starting position (one rep in one direction, then turn around & repeat in other direction)

Ginga (alternating rear lunge from capoeira)

Squat down>walk out to plank position>push-up> return to standing position

Lateral Lunges (alternating, both arms come to the front of body)

Walk out to plank position>Push-up>lateral plank w/ 5 second hold (alternating sides)

Air squat (squat w/ both arms in front of body)

Bird/dog- hold for 5 seconds, work on one side, then repeat on other side.

Roll down (similar to pilates version)

Main exercises (26:23 min.)

Mostly 30 seconds each exercise (15 seconds each direction or side for some), but some 60 seconds per exercise (30 per side).

Standing exercises
Neck rotation: head circles (look down, to the side, up & to the other side), reverse direction.

Shoulder rotation: both arms (straight) move forward first, then reverse direction (back of hands touch in front of body for both directions).

Spine rotations: Torso twist exercise from warm-up, but at slower pace, “stress full range of motion.”

Wrist rotations: hand clasped together, and rotate around, reverse direction.

Arm Twists: alternate rotating to the side, w/ non-lead foot is on ball (pivots), arms have slight bend w/ lead hand facing up, non-lead hand faces down (head turns in same direction as lead hand).

Hip rotations: move at own pace, fast or slow, perform in both directions.

Knee rotations: knees together w/ bend, hands on knees, perform in both directions.

Ankle rotations: weight is balanced on non-working leg, ball of other foot is on floor, and ankle rotates. Perform in both directions for both feet.

Forward Bend: Reach overhead w/ both hands, touch the hips w/ hands, then hinge at hips and touch floor w/ both hands (legs should be straight, can be bent for a modification).

Side Bend- same exercise from warm-up, but pace is slower (hold at each side for a few seconds).

Straddle- alternating isometric hold in the lowered position of a lateral lunge.

Single Hamstring stretch: legs in wide stance, hinge at hips, and upper body (folds over) & arms reach for ankle of one leg for isometric hold, repeat on other side.

Squatting Adductor Stretch: Knee of one leg bends w/ ball of foot on floor, other leg is rotated & straight to the side w/ flexed foot, arms in front of body on floor. Repeat on other side.

Wide Leg Forward bend- Hinge at hips w/ straight legs, and hands clasped together in back. Modification: hands touch floor in front on or by feet vs. clasped behind back.

Floor exercises
Kneeling Hip Stretch: hip flexor exercise from cool-down (w/ 1 arm up in air).

Kneeling quad stretch: from position of kneeling hip stretch (right bent knee/foot flat on floor, left leg has bent knee w/ shin & foot on floor), the left shin & left foot come off the floor and the right hand holds the left foot. Left hand is flat on the floor.
Repeat both exercises on other side.

Calf stretch: from downward dog position (upside down V w/ body), cross left leg (bent) behind the right and push right heel into ground (and hold). Repeat on other side.

Abdominal stretch: dive down like in Hindu push-up (or going under the gate in a Dive Bomber push-up), hold body in upward dog position (arms are straight).

Kneeling lateral stretch: same exercise from RF cool-down, body starts in quadruped position> extend both arms forward> sit/drop back the butt to the heels and hold, head is on floor. Fingertips reach away from the body.

Side Straddle/Split: Full split, slide legs out from standing position, feet are flexed.

Side straddle body facing side: in straddle position, turn body to face side, aim for chin to touch leg, repeat on other side.

Sit and Reach: Hamstring stretch from RF cool-down (both legs, straight, facing forward, bend at waist & arms reach forward).

Hamstring Sit and Reach: single leg forward w/ flexed foot, other leg bent & rotated to the side w/ heel on floor. Bend at waist & reach forward w/ arms. Repeat on other side.

Glute stretch: lie supine, one leg is straight on floor, the other has a bent knee that is pulled into chest & held.

Hip extensor stretch: from glute stretch position, bring knee across body to rest on floor w/ right hand, left arm is straightened on floor w/ head facing the left side.

Repeat both exercises on other side.

Clinch and Relax: Lie supine, feet are separated and arms are out a bit from the side of body, alternate isometric hold “clinching” muscles w/ tension (feet flex, hands form fists, inhale deeply), and relaxing the body (exhale), 5 reps.

Instructor Comments:
Erik explains the exercises & form thoroughly, and he and Georges discuss about the benefits of the exercises & how/why flexibility pertains to abilities in fights (relaxed pace allows for more talking).