URX MT: Extreme Metabolic Cardio Blast

JB Berns
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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There was a TON of hype on VF about this set, then much disappointment about it, overall (IMO). The workouts kind of lacked focus, had super high impact moves off the rebounder, and were a little over the top in the sense of pushing the whole "EXTREEEEME" thing. Surprisingly, this was my favorite workout as it focused mainly on cardio and is a great workout. The moves are simple yet it still feels choreographed (ie not boring drills). I use 3 lb handweights when the crew uses no weights, and then switch to 5 lb weights when they pick up their weights and I think this is a great workout, my shoulders really feel it the next day and I get a great cardio workout in as well. I can't wait for more rebounding to come out!

Instructor Comments:
JB is lively, to say the least! And a bit quirky...he randomly calls out his name after some moves, stutters out some, etc. But I have to say I really liked him overall. I found him motivating without being irritating.



This is a 52 minute cardio rebounding workout led by JB Berns (the creator of Urban Rebounding). JB leads in a nice gym set with 5 backgrounders. You will need a rebounder and 1-3 lb sand weights for this workout. After a 5 minute warmup you move into the body of the workout (35 minute), do 8-10 sets of sprints, and then finish with 4-5 minutes of ab workout and a stretch.

This is the 1st dvd I have done in the URX MT set. This workout is what I always wished the original UR w/o's would have been: longer and more intense! The exercises are all straight forward and athletic- easy to follow along to but not boring. All the work, including the core section is done on the rebounder (there is no getting on and off, etc). JB does an excellent job of including tempo changes & varied arm movements to keep things interesting.

Exercises Include: Around the world jumps, straddle, jacks, basic bounce, heel digs, ham curls, twists, lateral knee raises, 180 jumps, jogs, kicks, jabs, cross country, criss cross jacks, knee raises, and moguls. He adds in variety by having you do many of the exercises "around the world" style and by adding in the use of the sand weights for the 2nd half of the workout. He finishes off the cardio with 8-10 sets of sprints and ab work on the UR: sit up & knee crunch, C curve, crunch variations, and V sits.

I would rate this a high intermediate workout- as with all rebounding workouts- you def get out what you put in. I worked up a great sweat and found this workout to be a great intensity! JB's cuing is very good and he offers good pointers. I am super happy with this workout and have high hopes for the rest of the set. I LOVE my rebounder- I have a bad knee & sometimes using the UR is the only way I can get an intense cardio workout. Virtually no impact and good for the lymph nodes, your vision, circulation, and of course your heart! I received this dvd to review