Cardio Barre Intermediate Workout

Richard Giorla
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Music: A
The music was instrumental and motivating to me.

Very fast paced ballet-style moves. I worked up a sweat during the cardio sessions and frequently had a burning booty! This workout really toasted my muscles and will be in my regular rotation.

I give it an A!

The DVD has a 'basics' section which demos the moves, and a beginner workout - so you get 2 workouts on this dvd.

Only negative: I paid about $9 in shipping, and it only cost them $3.50. That kind of thing makes me mad, but I did love the workout.

Instructor Comments:
I like Richard a lot. He was motivating and friendly, and at no point did he annoy me. Not even in the slightest :-)

His interaction with the women in the class seemed natural. He kept telling different people that they had beautiful legs, but it wasn't creepy - it was more as a matter of fact... pointing out how this kind of exercise can give you beautiful legs.

One thing that might annoy others is that he kept referring to how someone was now burning fat right in her hip - implying spot burning of fat. That sort of thing doesn't bug me. Heck, I even enjoy convincing myself it's true, as long as I don't start getting angry at the fact that my body lets it's fat loose in other areas first.