10 Pounds Down Total Body Tune Up

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Jessica leads this 60 min strength + cardio in the Miami studio that she actually leads live classes in! The studio is a cute open space w/ blue background with flowing water in the backdrop and hardwood floors. You will need dumbbells for this workout- Jessica uses 5's but you can vary yours. Jessica works out alone and offers various intensity modifications throughout.

This is workout is mostly strength but includes nice cardio bursts between strength sets. Jessica uses lighter weights - I used 10's & 15's and it really amped up the cardio effect of this workout! I was sweating & my heart was pumping. The pace is quick but not so quick that I had trouble with my poundage. There is no wasted time and she really keeps the workout moving along. And she includes tons of great combo moves.

Exercises include: pulsing curtsy w/ a torso twist & overhead press, lunge w/ a back fly & bi curl, pushup knee pulls, criss cross jacks, cross punhch, jumps, 1 legged squats w/ a side tap & torso twist & bi curl, lat row w/ an outer thigh raise, runners lunge to the floor & up, squat jacks, 180 burpees, chest press & reverse crunch, pec fly & knee drop, plank moguls, Mt. climbers, superman variations, diagonal rear lunge & tri kickback, close stance squat w/ an overhead Y push, lunge & french press, jump rope, 1 arm swing, dip & knee up, tri pushups w/ a leg raise, side plank w/ a front kick, plank knee pulls, scissor ab pulses, triangle leg drops, and bicycles.

With lighter poundage I would rate this a solid intermediate workout that really hits all the muscle groups. By using heavier or lighter poundage this workout can really be adjusted to meet the needs of most exercisers. As always Jessica's cuing and energy are excellent, making this a great addition to any workout collection. I am impressed with: the pace, the UNIQUE moves, and the tough ab section! Great workout!!! I look forward to more 10 Pounds Workouts. I received this dvd to review