Supreme 90: Core Dynamics

Tom Holland
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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This workout is part of the 10-DVD Supreme 90 set developed and led by Tom Holland. This is one of the shortest workouts in the set, clocking in at just under 30 minutes. The warm up and cool down are the same as the rest of the workouts in the set. Due to the short length of the actual work (about 18 minutes), this makes a great add on workout.

This workout is really intense. The 18 minutes are basically spent on plank variations Ė elbow planks with leg and arm variations, side planks with various weighted arm work and leg raises, and also plank jacks. There are also some crunch variations like side to side twisting with a weight and long lever crunch. At the end of each circuit (like Lindsey said, there are four circuits of about 6 exercises each Ė no repeated exercises! Each circuit ends with a 45 second rest while Tom demonstrates the exercises for the next circuit Ė no time wasted!) there is a standing exercise, such as kettlebell swing, overhead press with march, body weight squat with hands overhead, and clean and press. With all the plank work, these standing exercises also really worked the core. My core was burning by the end, and Iíve got a pretty strong core!

Because the exercises did not repeat and there are only 30 seconds spent on each exercise, the workout went really quickly even though it was super intense. And because it was all no impact except for the plank jacks, you can enjoy the high intensity without any pressure on the joints. The nonstop action gave the workout a cardio impact as well. The exercises indirectly (or directly) worked the whole body, and Tom emphasized that the core is really everything from the shoulders down to the lower back, not just the abs, and his exercises reflected that.

Final thoughts: I am definitely going to do this workout on a regular basis, to improve my core strength and endurance. My shoulders were really fatigued by the end (holding myself in plank) and Iím hoping my endurance will improve, to help me do longer sets of mountain climbers and such in other workouts. The time flew by and it was super challenging, but the short length made it easier to get through. I would consider the workout to be high intermediate to low advanced, and would easily have been solid-high advanced if it were longer. Tomís instruction was great, and the music was pretty good too Ė I could synch my reps to the beat of the music, which worked for me! Overall grade A+ and I canít wait to keep going through the Supreme 90 workouts!

Instructor Comments:
I like Tom as an instructor. He teaches personal trainer style, quickly demonstrating the moves (during the 45 second rest), and walking around to his backgrounders and commenting on form and poundage chosen, and modifications to make exercises easier or more difficult. He speaks clearly, isnít too chatty but gives plenty of cues to keep you up with the fast moving workout, and is pretty nice to look at too! I would check out any new workouts he came out with, I really like his quick moving circuit style.

Emily B.


Tom leads this 28 minute core workout in a lifting gym style set. Tom instructs PT style with 4 background exercisers actually performing all the moves. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The dvd is chaptered into warmup, workout, and cooldown (the warmup is the same for most the discs in this series). A countdown timer comes up for the final 5 seconds of the work portions. One b/g'er shows modifications.

This workout is structured into 4 circuits of 6 or so exercises. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds, and you move right from exercise to exercise. At the end of each circuit you get 45 seconds of rest. The final move in each circuit is a cardio/ total body exercise to get/ keep your heart pumping. During the rest period Tom shows the exercises in the upcoming circuit.

Core Exercises include: roll up to standing, weighted sit ups, plank knee pulls, plank to weighted side reach, weighted twisting sit ups, side plank w/ weighted punch, plank arm raise, elevator planks, plank to side plank w/ leg & arm raise, pike crunch, plank jacks (arms & legs moving), weighted V twists, hi plank knee taps, plank glute raise, side plank & punch up, etc. Cardio moves: kettlebell swing, weighted march, kettlebell clean & press lowering the weight to the ground, and low squats.

I rate this a lower to solid advanced workout that really keeps you moving & includes some nice cardio. While this isnt the hardest core workout Ive ever done- the pace IMO makes this pretty challenging. Time really flew by in this one. I love the addition of a cardio move in each circuit. Really hit the abs from a ton of different angles & included a lot of great core work! Tom is a great lead- very motivating. Received this dvd to review.