Jenny Craig's Let's Walk It Off Workout Kit - Intermediate/Advanced

Kim Lyons
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Please note: There are two Jenny Craig Let's Walk It Off Workout Kits. One kit is labeled Beginner/Intermediate and one is labeled Intermediate/Advanced. Both are great for beginners and intermediates. Neither are in any way "advanced" either as a walking workout or as a workout in general.

Summary: The Intermediate/Advanced set is similar to the Beginner/Intermediate set, but I enjoyed the choreography in this one even more (a little more variety with the feet). I'll say while the pace is just not intense and very beginner, the intensity does at least stay steady/brisk because of all the arm movements. I love that you are constantly moving your arms. Weights will definitely help give an extra punch to this. The workout out is perfect with weighted gloves. The "advanced" set uses weights during the workout, while the "beginner" does not. I would say the addition of weights is the only thing that really adds a slight intensity boost to this set. The intensity seemed about the same otherwise. And there is no way I'd call it an advanced workout. Kim does talk about ways to increase the intensity, and some of the walkers take it up a notch. You can definitely do this on your own as well. She also talks about how to bring down the intensity. Kim encourages you to make it your own. I really enjoyed the workout! I recommend both sets.

Menu options - same as the Beginner/Intermediate: "Meet Kim," "Meet the Jenny Craig Walkers," "10 Minute Walk," "30 Minute Walk," and "Play All." There is no music only option.

The background is the same as in the other set. It looks like they are on a Caribbean island. It's a clear day, and you can see sail boats on the sea and even a cruise ship or two! It looks like they are up on a hill or mountain overlooking the sea. You don't see sand and people....just the water and what's sailing by. There is a lot of greenery, trees, etc....There are some flowers behind them. There are 4 walkers with Kim: 3 females and 1 male. These are the same walkers from the Beginner/Intermediate set.

As far as the intensity of the walk, I would remove the word "advanced." Nothing about the workout is advanced. I think "intermediate" is a stretch but I supposed compared to the other set this would be slightly up a level - so between the two this is the "intermediate" one. There is not much difference in intensity between the 10 and 30 minute walks. However, I really enjoyed the 10 minute walk. It was a lot of fun and seemed to pack in a lot into the 10 minutes. It was much better then the 10 minute walk on the Beginner/Intermediate set. Also the warm up and cool downs for both the 10 minute and 30 minute walks are much shorter then in the Beginner/Intermediate set. I liked that and that does demonstrate the little bit of increase in intensity between the sets.

The 10 minute walk (more like 13 minutes): The warm-up is a little over 2 minutes. They march in place while doing some stretches with the arms - including pilates arm circles which I love! Kim then gives a choice to use hand weights. Two of the walkers use weights. Kim and the other two do not. They march again while doing tricep kickbacks. Then they switch to bicep curls while still marching in place. They then start a wide tap (shifts from side to side as preparing for kickboxing steps). Then they add in upright rows and upper cut punches. The feet then change to side steps. Then wide knee lifts with cross over arms. Then back to side steps with punches out with the arms. Then they are back to marching in place and move into cool down - moving more slowly and stretching the arms. They then go into a brief stretching session to end the workout.

The 30 Minute Walk (28-29 minutes): Warm-up is similar to the 10 minute walk - all marching in place with the various arm movements - including pilates arm circles. After a little over 2 minutes two of the walkers grab weights and the cardio session begins. While marching in place they do tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, and then they alternate between the two. They then start a wide tap (shifts from side to side as preparing for kickboxing steps). Then they add in upright rows and upper cut punches and then alternate between the two. They then move into a boxer shuffle with speed bags and power ups - punching the arms up and down. Then they go into side steps which move into wide knee lifts with cross over arms. Then back to side steps with punches out with the arms. They then alternate the cross over arms and punches. Then they are back to marching in place and move into cool down - moving more slowly and stretching the arms. They then go into a brief stretching session to end the workout (after about 27 minutes or so into the workout).

This one has a lot more variety then the other set. I also absolutely love the combinations! Kim calls these intervals. And I do feel a little bit of an interval feel to this workout. It's a lot of fun and adds a little bit more of a punch then the other set. Once again, I highly recommend using weighted gloves with this workout. I like that there are a lot of arm movements. It really does have a fun kickboxing feel to it!

The music cd: There are 10, 30, and 40 minute walks. These are guided walks. She "coaches" you through it. It doesn't sound like she talks too much. And it's mostly motivation or telling you when you should step it up in pace.

The "walking guide" that came with it was nothing exciting. It mostly just describes what's in the kit and gives totally new walkers just a little bit of guidance.

Space requirements: Not much! Requires even less than a Leslie workout. All the moves are pretty much in-place. You don't go any further out than single side steps. Perfect workout for tight spaces!

If you only want to buy one set and are trying to decide between the Beginner/Intermediate and the Intermediate/Advanced, then I would highly recommend the Intermediate/Advanced. It is definitely the best out of the two. It has more variety, more intensity, and is more fun. The hard part will be finding yourself a copy! They are no where to be found on the internet. Your best chance is trying to get it directly from Jenny Craig (if they’ll sell it to you).

P.S. - I just did this "advanced" one again tonight. I absolutely love it! I can really feel some of the moves in my hips. Definitely works some more muscles and adds lots of variety if you're a faithful Leslie walker. I just love the use of arm movements! Awesome!! I will say that while these are more beginner, they do give a great workout for intermediate exercisers (of which I consider myself). There is so much opportunity to easily increase the intensity throughout the entire workout. It engages so many different muscles and that along with the constant arm movement - Well I don't think I'd grab this workout on days I needed a really gentle workout. This isn't the most intense but neither would I call it the most gentle either. And I would say the "advanced" would be a great next step for beginners on their way to intermediate level. It's awesome. I paid close to $50 plus shipping for both of these walking kits. While the price was steep, I feel they are totally worth it. I really love these. They aren't just another walking workout (And I would know as I have lost count of how many walking workouts I have...I'm sure it's well over 150 walking workouts - including all Leslie workouts!

Instructor Comments:
Kim Lyons is the "nice trainer" from The Biggest Loser. She provides clear instructions, and she provides a lot of encouragement along the way. She is friendly, pleasant, and upbeat but not annoyingly so.