Kettleworx - Cardio

Ryan Shanahan
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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The DVD is part of the 5-DVD Kettleworx system (6-DVD if you count the intro, which I never watched). This is DEFINITELY a “kettlebell lite” workout, and the “cardio” title is due to three or four high impact exercises disbursed between the kettlebell exercises. I found the workout to have an AWT effect. I used 5-15# weights for this workout (I think I managed 20# for the swings).

This DVD is 26 minutes long and allows you to choose between levels 1 and 6 (with level 1 being the easiest). There is a 3 minute warm up, a 10 minute circuit (repeated once), and a 3 minute cool down. Exercises included basic swing, halo, lunge with overhead extension, “jump shots” squat/jump combos with weight, fast feet while holding the bell, punching with the kettlebell (controlled movement), lots of squat variations and holds, upright row variations, and a non-weighted set of mountain climbers. While the workout was mostly strength oriented (with a cardio component for sure), the jumping, fast feet, and mountain climbers helped to up the cardio. I chose to do the high impact exercises without weights. I would have liked to see more cardio intervals (unweighted) as the emphasis really was on strength moves.

I am unwilling to repeat the entire circuit (too much boredom factor) so reduce the workout to about 16 minutes altogether. I use it as an add-on to a longer DVD, and for that purpose it gives me a quick and intense boost! I would rate this as intermediate, depending on poundage used. Not good for beginners because the exercisers have bad form, there are no modifiers, and Ryan doesn’t provide much in the way of form pointers. Overall grade B.

Instructor Comments:
Ryan is an adequate instructor, he does use some silly phrases like when you’re doing a kettlebell swing and your arms are like an “elephant trunk.” Keep in mind that you’ll hear that phrase THREE times in this short 16 minute DVD because the clip is repeated twice. He seems to have a very faint Irish accent but it’s certainly not distracting. The backgrounders have woefully bad form, so try not to look at them. There are no modifiers.

Emily B.