Kettleworx - Core

Ryan Shanahan
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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The DVD is part of the 5-DVD Kettleworx system (6-DVD if you count the intro, which I never watched). This is DEFINITELY a “kettlebell lite” workout, and true to the title, Ryan leads you through core or ab focused exercises throughout. I was able to use a 10-15# kettlebell for this workout.

This DVD is 26 minutes long and allows you to choose between levels 1 and 6 (with level 1 being the easiest). There is a 3 minute warm up, 7 minute circuit (repeated TWICE), and a 3 minute cool down. All of the exercises utilized the bell and included torso twisting, side to side lean (to work the obliques), turkish getup (only in some levels), windmill (only in some levels) which he called “disco” something (LOL!), elbow plank hold, spelling “KETTLEWORX” (yes, in all caps!) with the legs while laying prone to work the lower abs, “butt elevator” which was a side plank with bell on hip and raising/lowering hip, “rainbow abs” which was basically torso twisting while sitting. By the end, I was feeling a good burn in my entire core area. I appreciate that he completed the standing moves before moving to the floor within the circuit.

I would have liked to have a longer circuit (10 minutes instead of 7 like the other Kettleworx DVDs) because I don’t like to repeat them, and it would have given a longer workout. As it was, it’s a 3 minute warmup, 7 minute circuit, and 3 minute cool down (if you don’t repeat the circuit) for a 13 minute workout. I like using this workout as an ab/core add on to a longer workout. In today’s case, that workout was Firm Zero in Ten and they paired together nicely! I would rate this as intermediate, depending on poundage used. Not good for beginners because the exercisers have bad form, there are no modifiers, and Ryan doesn’t provide much in the way of form pointers. Overall grade B.

Instructor Comments:
Ryan is an adequate instructor. He uses some silly phrases (especially in the Core workout, my goodness!) Disco abs, butt elevator, and rainbow abs. “What do you get when you have a rainbow and abs? Rainbow abs!” It doesn’t make a speck of sense, but it’s funny and he gets me laughing out loud during the workout! He definitely gets an A for creativity and enthusiasm!

Emily B.