Kettleworx - Fast Fat Burn

Ryan Shanahan
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Kettlebell

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The DVD is part of the Kettleworx system (see my review on the series for details). This is a kettlebell lite workout that has an AWT affect. Ryan goes at a somewhat quick pace (and more reps) and I find it hard to use more than 10-15#, whereas I can use 20# for other kettlebell workouts. This workout is 16 minutes long, consisting of a 3 minute warm up, large 10 minute circuit, and a brief 3 minute cool down/stretch.

Exercises are one minute each and include THREE sets of basic swings, lots of squat variations and holds, upright row variations, lunge with kettlebell pass under knee, and curtsey lunges. The warm up has swings, around the body kettlebell pass, twisting bell at side to warm up arms, and while Ryan didn’t say to, I used a lighter bell for the warm up. The cool down has basic stretches but while still holding the bell, which I didn’t care for so I just did my own stretches. The exercises were all weighted strength moves, but there was definitely a cardio affect.

The DVD menu lets you choose between three levels (easy/medium/hard) but there is a lot of repeated footage and a lot of the moves are the same: if you’ve done one level, you’ve basically done them all. There is no chaptering.

I would likely not use this workout as a standalone (too short AND too redundant) but it did give me a heart pumping workout though after a longer workout (today it was a Patrick Hard Work Conditioning premix) and for that use, the workout was just perfect! Depending on poundage used, I would rate this in the intermediate range. Overall grade B.

Instructor Comments:
Ryan is an adequate instructor, he does use some silly phrases like when you’re doing a kettlebell swing and your arms are like an “elephant trunk.” Keep in mind that you’ll hear that phrase THREE times in this short 16 minute DVD because the clip is repeated twice. He seems to have a very faint Irish accent but it’s certainly not distracting. The backgrounders have woefully bad form, so try not to look at them. There are no modifiers.

Emily B.