Gliding Extreme

Mindy Mylrea
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Gliding Disks

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This 47 min workout uses gliding discs for all combinations, combos #3 and 4 use a squishy med ball (she uses a Bender Ball), and Mindy uses a mat for combo #4 (she is exercising on a hard surface, platform). There are 6 chapters: intro & warm-up, 4 combos & stretch. The setting is outside (in a meadow, nice view), Mindy is on a circular platform (no background exercisers). The music has noticeable drum beats, but not much else. Each combinations has sections w/ different focuses: cardio, upper body, lower body & core focus. Mindy has challenging sequences for the exercises in plank position and prone, and a good variety of different cardio & strength (bodyweight)focused exercises. The workout moves quickly, and is enjoyable/not boring at all (have to be mentally engaged to keep up w/ Mindy, although she reminds people to always go at their own pace, it's their workout).

One could just select one or two of the combos to for a workout, and still get a good workout in. The 1st combo is the most fast-paced w/ a good cardio effect, the 4th combo has the most floor-work, and seemed the most challenging (perhaps because it’s the longest in duration, many exercises in plank position, and the last combo). There are modifications for some exercises but not really for the floor work. People could sub in plank hold, just perform the negative of the exercise for a modification or perform more reps of the base exercise (this could work for standing exercises, too).

Intro w/ warm-up (1 min.)

Side steps w/ feet on gliding discs> squat & reach overhead w/ both arms, 8 reps> alternating side lunge, 3 reps each side.

1st combo (6:37 min.)

Cardio focus: Both feet on gliding discs, alternating side lunges w/ alternating arm patterns (generally 4 counts for each): alternating side lunge w/ alternating side twist w/ arms to touch hips> reaching low w/ arms to touch knees, then touch ankles, then touch floor> repeat sequence> hands tap hips>add tap to shoulder, then reach arms up> arms trace outline of body from head to hips (seems dance inspired, only done once)> repeat> fast lunges, 3 reps per side> perform both sequences> repeat but for only 2 counts each, repeat once.

Lower body focus: Both feet on gliding discs, alternating side squat w/ double arm circle overhead, 2 reps each side> squat, side lunge, side lunge hold at bottom into leg lift, repeat on other side, 2 reps each side> slow pace side lunge (on right side) 4 reps, then 8 fast reps, repeat on other side> squats (narrow stance) 8 reps, fast pace.

Upper Body & core focus: Plank position, both feet on gliding discs, knee pull-ins (feet slide to chest w/ bent knees), 12 reps> straddles/plank jacks (legs slide out to side & back in), 14 reps> knee pull-in into push-up, 5 reps> plank jack into push-up, 5 reps> alternate one of each, 6 reps each> in plank position, alternate bending elbows & straightening arms (one at a time), 3 reps> add alternating side plank hold after each rep, 3 reps each side> stand up w/ overhear arm reach, feet pivot on gliding discs, hips twist side to side.

2nd combo (about 10 min.)-Mindy states that she is using some of the cardio exercises from her previous “Cardio Crazy” workout and Shannon Fables’ “Triple Threat” workout with other gliding exercises.

Cardio focus: both feet on gliding discs, starting on the right side, 4 levels of plie squats (Mindy cues to pick which level best suits your needs or perform all 4 levels w/ her)>Level 1/Plie squat (alternate sides, one leg slides at a time), slow pace, 8 reps> Level 2/faster pace, more explosive plie squat, 13 reps> Level 3/both legs slide out to plie, 17 reps, adds arm overhead to increase intensity at rep 11> Level 4/faster pace w/ double arm sweep (alternate sides), 24 reps> 8 counts in each level, repeats twice.

Lower body focus: Both feet on gliding discs, rear lunge (right leg) turn body sideways into plie squat, return to rear lunge, then return to starting position, 14 reps. Lower into rear lunge, slide right leg next to the bent, standing leg, and back out>pick up gliding disc at rep 5 & hold in front of body w/ both arms, pulls in when leg slides next to the standing leg, 12 reps slow pace, 8 fast reps.

Core & Upper Body focus: plank position, both feet on gliding discs, single leg knee pull-in (left leg crossed behind the other), 4 reps> uncross left leg and is straightened & bends w/ working leg for more single leg knee pull-in, 4 reps> isometric hold for left leg (straight) for more knee pull-ins, 4 reps> add push-up after knee pull-in, 4 reps.

Repeat entire sequence on left side (cardio>lower body>core & upper body).

3rd combo (about 12 min.)- uses a small, squishy ball & gliding discs.

Cardio focus: Holding ball in both hands, feet on both gliding discs, alternate side step into squat w/ chest press w/ ball, 6 reps each side> 2 side steps & 2 hip twists, 2 reps each side> deeper range of motion for both exercises, 3 reps each side> 2 side steps into side lunge & curtsy lunge w/ same leg, 2 reps> add twist w/ ball to hip on curtsy lunge, 2 reps each side, slow pace, 5 reps each side, fast pace> side lunge into curtsy lunges (right leg) w/ ball twist, 8 reps> curtsy lunge w/ twist and upward sweep to side w/ ball, 8 reps> isometric hold in lowered curtsy lunge position w/ alternating ball sweep front (arms straight/slight bend) & back (elbows bent) w/ ball (bounce w/ lower body), 8 reps.

Lower Body focus: Holding ball in both hands, heel of right foot is on gliding disc, left foot is on other disc and knee is bent> for single leg slide forward w/ ball press forward, 8 reps> place ball behind left (bent) knee and pulse in lowered position, 24 reps> left leg twist on disc.

Repeat sequence on left side (starting w/ side lunge into curtsy lunge, w/ ball twist).

Standing position, ball held between thighs w/ isometric hold for squat for entire sequence> w/ arm circles (both hands hold gliding discs), 20-24 reps per direction> figure 8 arm circles, 24 reps> arms overhead for shoulder shrugs, 4 reps> Lower down deeper in squat position w/ arms still overhead & isometric hold> lower arms in front of body for delt pull, 4 slow reps, 8 fast reps> lower deeper in squat position into wood chops, right side, 8 slow reps, 20 fast reps> repeat on left side> single leg balance w/ arms in front (holding discs)> fast marches>little runs> small squat jumps, 20 reps> hip twist jump to side, jump to center> hip twist jump to other side, 6 reps> hip twist jumps, 6 reps> faster pace.

4th combo (about 16 min.)- uses a small, squishy ball, gliding discs and a mat (Mindy is lying back, or with knees or abs are lying on a folded up mat because she is exercising on a hard surface/platform).

Lower Body focus: Start seated on floor w/ bent knees, the ball held between knees and with heels on gliding discs. Hip raise> lower hips halfway down (to engage hamstrings)> Leg curl (push legs to straighten & pull legs back to bent knees to return to starting position, 2 count in each direction) 4 reps> 8 fast reps.

Ball is still held between knees, heel of one foot is on gliding disc. Single-leg hip raise (one leg extended, at level of opposite knee), 4 pulses (squeeze ball between legs, other leg holds position, isometrically)> single leg hamstring curl, 4 reps> repeat on other side.

Lie down on back w/ bent knees (ball is held between knees), both hands are on gliding discs and extended above head. Crunch (head & shoulders come off of floor) and gliding discs sweep w/ the arms parallel to body, w/ movement, 8 reps> hold body in crunch position and 8 pulses> body still held in crunch position w/ arms to side for alternating side reaches, 4 slow reps each side, then 8 fast reps each side.

Upper Body focus: Body turns to lie on side w/ ball under the waist region, legs are stacked w/ the bottom leg has bent knee> single arm slide/extension w/ bottom arm (feel in lats), 4 reps (top arm is on floor, in front of body)> same exercise but top arm reaches overhead, and top leg extends to the side (in the air) 10 reps.

Cobra (body is in prone position, face down w/ legs straight & arms extended forward w/ hands on gliding discs), arms slide back w/ the head & upper body coming off of the floor, and posterior chain engaged, 4 reps> same exercise w/ isometric hold in the lift of the exercise w/ alternating single arm extension to the side, lower down into starting position, 2 reps> same isometric hold w/ body in the lift of exercise w/ both arms held to side, hold for a few seconds> shoulder abductions (shoulders initiate the movement, not the arms, so small range of motion), 8 reps> repeat isometric hold & shoulder abduction sequence again.

All performed w/ body in prone position (and feet on gliding discs): Breaststroke (arms pull back, and move out to side & in to body w/ lift of exercise, fast-paced), 20 reps> Butterfly stroke (arms pull back and move in towards body & out to side), 22 reps> arms pull back & hold, forearms lower to floor and press up, then return to starting position, 9 reps> same exercise w/ 16 fast pulses> same exercise w/ alternating arm 16 fast pulses.

Body in plank position: mountain climbers, 10 reps each side> fast paced mountain climbers for 10 seconds> knee pull-ins into pike, in plank position w/ ball held between thighs, 14 reps> cross-body mountain climbers (knee travels to inside of opposite elbow) 5 slow reps, 10 fast reps (each side)> mountain climber exercise w/ same side leg traveling to outside of elbow, 5 slow reps then 10 fast reps.

Repeat this sequence on other side: Body turns to lie on side w/ ball under the waist region, legs are stacked w/ the bottom leg has bent knee> single arm reach/extension w/ bottom arm (feel in lats), 4 reps (top arm is on floor, in front of body)> same exercise but top arm reaches overhead, and top leg extends to the side (in the air) 10 reps.

Lower Body focus: Quadruped position w/ both knees on gliding discs and feet off of floor, hip adduction (slide knees out, wide, and slide in to return to starting position), 6 reps.
Pilates adductor: Standing position, both feet on gliding discs> slide to one side (wide stance) w/ straight legs, slide back to starting position (entire body shifts to side w/ foot), 4 slow reps, 8 fast reps. Repeat on other side.
Upper body & core focus: in plank position (on toes), hands on gliding discs, alternate walking hands to each side off of the gliding discs and walk back to starting position (inside hand travels first), 2 reps each side> Walk hands to the inside of gliding discs & walk back to starting position, 2 reps each side> push-ups w/ knees on floor, 1 rep> alternating arm slide/fly, 2 reps each side> push-ups w/ both hands sliding out, 8 reps> alternating diagonal arms push-ups (one hand in front, other in back), 3 reps each side.
Stretch (1:30)

Gliding discs are under both hands: Child’s pose>Child’s pose side stretch (arm moves to inside of body)> Child’s pose, repeat on other side.

Camel pose position (bent knees, shins, top of feet are flat on ground) but without backbend w/ upper body & head movement, instead it is alternating arm swing to the back with hand touch to heel (same side of body).

Standing position, overhead reach w/ arms, 1 rep.

Instructor Comments:
Mindy has a pleasant personality (genuinely), cues well and counts out most of the reps (or provides the real number, not cues 8 and there's really 12+ more). She's in fantastic shape, and very motivating w/ her comments (no sexy body image talk, just trying to push you along w/ the workout that gets tough at times & moves quickly).