URX: Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval

Patrick Goudeau
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Rebounding

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This workout is divided into a cardio portion and a strength portion. There are just a few jump off the step moves, but they can be easily modified so that you aren't using both feet to jump off, just one at a time instead. There were also some lateral moves, stepping off the rebounder that I found a bit awkward. I am 5'1 with short legs so I really had to be aware of my feet, looking down when I usually never have to look at the step. I did get tripped up on the spring cover a couple of times, I had to be very aware of my feet at all times. To be fair, this was also the very first time I did a rebounding workout so that could be just due to me not having a good feel for the rebounder's height yet. The music was stuff I've heard before, think Cathe Body Blast-ish era. The strength work was really mostly core-oriented movements. Loved them too and i usually hate core work. As for intensity, whoa. I did this workout using 3 lb handweights and really don't see a need for the sandbags at all. If anything, I would think they'd feel kind of awkward in your hand and get really sweaty during the cardio segments because believe me you will sweat! There was one bg exerciser to Patrick's left who was really hamming it up for the camera and borderline annoying but I can usually overlook that. As for choreography, I'm finding rebounding choreography to be a piece of cake to pick up without being boring, which I love since it usually takes me forever to learn a step routine. Overall, I really liked this workout and am glad I purchased this set as the three I've tried so far have been keepers.

Instructor Comments:
This was my first Patrick workout. Being choreo challenged, I have always been afraid to attempt one of his workouts. I'm sure glad I got the chance, Patrick was motivating, fun and a really good instructor who seemed really comfortable with his group.