GSP RushFit Strength & Endurance

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is one of the DVDs in the Rushfit set, and the only one of the set also sold alone (I have just this DVD). Since this has already been broken down, I’m just going to give my impressions of the workout.

This is a 50 minute workout which spends about the first 20 minutes, including the warm up, on body weight strength (some aerobic work is mixed in) and 20 minutes of pure functional strength work, and a cool down. Erik leads GSP as well as another man and woman in an MMA gym setting. You need one set of moderate-heavy dumbbells for this set, and a mat if you’re going to work out barefoot (I did). I was really anticipating loving this workout, I thought Rushfit would be right up my alley with agility moves and functional strength, but I actually found it rather dry. The warm up (while somewhat challenging) dragged on, and somehow I found the rest of the workout be redundant. There was also a LOT of chatting between chapters (warm up-workout, and workout-cool down) which required fast forwarding.

Pros: My heart rate got up with the body weight strength (walkouts to plank, pushup variations, some burpees) and stayed up with the strength work (lots of twisting core-focused functional moves). Erik gave clear instructions. There was a countdown timer (a different timer for each chapter) which was motivating. High production values and OK music. I think they put a lot of thought into the exercises and everyone had excellent form.

Cons: As I mentioned, the warm up was very long, I was hoping for more cardio moves interspersed but that’s just my personal preference. GSP was amusing to listen to and look at, but he sometimes said the strangest things, and he must have said the word “terrible” (either he feels “terrible” or the workout is “terrible”-I think he meant that it was really challenging) about 5 times. I didn’t want to hear about how terrible it was! He also kept repeating the same things again and again: how endurance was hard for him and he was better at fast-twitch explosive moves, etc. The strength workout seemed more upper body focused and for the upper body, chest/back/shoulder seemed much harder worked than biceps/triceps.

Erik/GSP used 15# weights (I used 10#s) and felt it was a high intermediate workout. The only move which I definitely could not do was the kneeling to standing jump so I substituted tuck jumps which I thought was of a similar intensity. This is definitely functional strength and had excellent form pointers, and I would recommend it to those who want something straight forward and down to business. I will keep it in my collection for the occasional usage, but this workout definitely squashed my desire to get the full Rushfit set.

Instructor Comments:
This is the only workout I have with Erik (and GSP) and thought Erik was articulate with his instructions. GSP was part endearing (with that accent!) and partly annoying by repeating the same thing over and over.

Emily B.


Georges St-Pierre is a mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. RUSHFIT is Georges' "MMA-style conditioning program - it's intense, efficient, effective and will give you the results you want - FAST". Strength & Endurance is available as part of that set or sold individually on Georges RUSHFIT website.

This workout is led by Georges' trainer Eric and Georges' provides pointers & fitness knowledge while performing the exercises. The workout is 50 minutes, containing a warmup and cooldown. Geroges, Eric and 2 background exercisers work out in a fighting style gym. Some of the participants work out barefoot. You will need dumbbells for this strength circuit workout.

This workout consists of five rounds. Each round contains strength and cardio exercises and is followed by a rest period. Georges and Eric use the rest period to share their fitness knowledge with us. Each exercise is performed for 30-60 seconds. I would consider this a moderate weight, moderate rep workout.

Exercises include: squat, isometric chair squats, spinal extension, clapping pushups, jumping from your knees to your feet, push up- burpees, T-stands, side lunges, rotating diagonal press, bi curls w/ rotation, quick alternating lat rows, upright rows, single arm swing, hi pull, diagonal press, twisting chest press, plank rows, 1/2 get up, and other unique & effective functional exercises.

Georges & Eric include variations on ordinary strength exercises to really hit the muscles in a new way. This workout has a very functional feel to it, is very well rounded, and I found it very unique. I would rate this a solid to high intermediate workout that can be adjusted to meet your needs. I look forward to trying the rest of the workouts in this set. Based off this dvd, I think the RUSHFIT workouts could be an excellent way to mix up your normal routine. I received this dvd to review.



There is a 46 min. tutorial “Foundation Moves” to demo & explain form for the exercises & concepts: squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, back extension, rotation, core activation, burpees & “addressing the dumbbell” (form for exercises that use dumbbells). Two pairs of dumbbells are used for this workout (light, medium-heavy). The first and second rounds consist of just bodyweight exercises (mix of standing & floor exercises), the other three have weighted exercises (and focus on unilateral exercises). There are two background exercisers, along with Erik (trainer) and Georges. It’s a thorough total body workout (high rep, low-no weight), most of the exercises are max reps, performed at a moderate-brisk pace, except for the isometric holds. Modifications for less impact/intensity exercises are shown.

Warm-up (10:50 min)- 10 exercises performed for 1 minute each.

Torso twists
Side bend (alternating sides)
Walk out arms to plank position/walk feet into standing/starting position (one rep in one direction, then turn around & repeat in other direction)
Ginga (alternating rear lunge from capoeira)
Squat down>walk out to plank position>push-up> return to standing position
Lateral Lunges (alternating, both arms come to the front of body)
Walk out to plank position>Push-up>lateral plank w/ 5 second hold (alternating sides)
Air squat (squat w/ both arms in front of body)
Bird/dog- hold for 5 seconds, work on one side, then repeat on other side.
Roll down (similar to pilates version)

Work section (29:48 min.)

60 seconds is given for each exercise, 5 seconds of that used to transition into the next exercise

Round 1 (5:11 min.)

Air Squat: squat w/ both arms in front of body in lowered position.

Iso Squat: Isometric hold in bottom position of squat (should be low).

Hands Off Push-Up: Start in plank position, lower down to floor, lift hands briefly off of floor, return to starting position by completing push-up.

Back extension: this is also known as prone cobra. Lie face down on floor, lift legs, chest head off of floor and isometric hold. The arms are held close to the body and rotated, so that the palms face up.

Pop-Up: Start with knees on the floor, facing front. Jump (pop up) up into squat (plie or standard) position, and place knees on floor (one at a time), repeat. Modified exercise: lie face down on floor, push off arms to pop up into squat position, or can step from plank position into the squat (and step back into plank).

Active rest (60 seconds): Erik & Georges discuss some tips during this time, too.

Round 2 (5 min.)

Each exercise in this round is performed for 60 seconds.

Air Squat

Squat Thrust


Burpee: squat thrust, push-up with jump up after returning to the standing position.

Lateral Plank: Alternating 5 second holds on each side.

Round 3 (5:37 min.)

Lateral Lunge (60 seconds): dumbbells held in both hands. Alternating sides, dumbbells reach for floor, when lowering down, and return to hips on the lift of exercise by pulling up.

Rotating Overhead Press (60 seconds): dumbbells held in both hands, alternate rotating to side (small squat into facing side, pivot on ball of foot) and performing single arm overhead press.

Rotating Bent Over Row (30 seconds): Alternating row w/ a small, alternating, static side lunge (opposite leg to arm rowing is bent).

Alternating Upright Row (30 seconds)

Rotating curl (30 seconds): Biceps curl lift w/ alternating hand grips at top of lift (palms up, palms down, reverse).

Repeat entire sequence again.

Active rest (60 seconds)

Round 4 (5:10 min.)- uses one dumbbell. lighter one of set.

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds.

Around the World- uses one dumbbell, rotate to side (small squat into facing the side, pivot on ball of foot) while rotating a dumbbell around the front of upper body (starts at about waist level) and circles the back of the head.

Single Arm Swing: overhead swing.

Dumbbell High Pull: same arm as used for previous exercise.

One Leg, Single Arm Row: Balance on one leg, while the arm on same side is performing rows (opposite arm counterbalances body during movement). Modified exercise: foot is on ground/leg to rear for balance.

Diagonal Press: Face forward w/ one foot in front & one in back, arm w/ dumbbell punches upward (towards the front) at a diagonal (back leg has weight transfer from entire foot to ball during the punch).

Repeat entire sequence on other side.

Active rest (60 seconds)

Round 5 (5:31 min.)- Uses the heavier dumbbell, floor exercises.

Twisting Floor Press (60 seconds each side): Uses one dumbbell. Body is in closed guard position (lying on back, knees are bent & crossed), single arm presses up with upper body twisting to the opposite side (head and shoulder of pressing arm comes off of floor).

Half Get-up (60 seconds): Uses one dumbbell. Transition into the sitting position of the GU before returning to the starting position.

Prone Alternating Dumbbell Row (60 seconds): Also known as renegade row, body in plank position w/ wide stance of legs/feet, while performing alternating rows.

Cool-down (6: 52 min)- All on floor, 30 second hold for each exercise

Hip flexor stretch w/ arm up, repeat on other side

Side straddle (full split position) or butterfly stretch (alternate exercise)

Hamstring stretch (both legs, straight, facing forward, bend at waist & arms reach forward)

Hip extensor/abductor stretch- legs both bent to 90 degrees, one in front and one in the back (front leg, outside of leg is flat on floor, back leg has inside of leg flat on floor)> bend at waist to bring upper body forward (as far as possible), elbows rest on floor.

Lat stretch- start in quadruped position> extend both arms forward> sit/drop back the butt to the heels and hold (cues to widen stance of knees to also stretch the adductors).

Chest & shoulders stretch- arms straightened in the back of the body & hands clasped together, and arms are lifting upwards, this is performed while sitting on the heels.