RushFit Explosive Power Training

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Three pairs of dumbbells are on the set for this workout, but only the light and heavy are used (the exercise modifier, just has two pairs on set, light & medium). All weighted exercises use two dumbbells (no unilateral weighted exercises, although there bodyweight, unilateral exercises), workout has nice mix of weighted & bodyweight exercises. Round 2 has some floor exercises, while other four rounds have just standing exercises. The focus of this workout is on explosive exercises, so less reps are completed than in the other RF workouts (3-5 reps for weighted & bodyweight exercises in the rounds if explosiveness is in each rep, more if movements are less explosive, some have 10 reps total/bodyweight exercises). And it’s continually stressed that it is about quality over quantity, and there are more rests sequenced into the workout (short ones), it’s time to re-group before completing the next rep.

This workout has the most impact out of the RF program, but modifications are shown for most exercises to lessen impact or intensity. Erik recommends that people wear shoes for this workout, and states that they have special flooring (cushiony) to absorb impact (that's why they're barefoot). Rounds 2-5 have the entire sequence of exercises repeat twice, while round 1 has a part of the sequence repeated once. There are two background exercisers along with Georges and Erik (trainer). The tutorial “Foundation Moves” is included on this workout (same one on the RF Strength & Endurance workout), and demos & explains the exercises & concepts for: squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, back extension, rotation, core activation, burpees & “addressing the dumbbell” (form for exercises that use dumbbells).

I liked this workout, it’s one of the most challenging of the RF set (don’t have max reps, but the reps you perform are grueling w/ intensity), and there’s a high cardio effect. I think that the workout was sequenced well, so that it had a good flow (has repetition but not boring because it moves quickly into the next exercise).

Warm-up (10:50 min)- 10 exercises performed for 1 minute each.

Torso twists

Side bend (alternating sides)

Walk out arms to plank position/walk feet into standing/starting position (one rep in one direction, then turn around & repeat in other direction)

Ginga (alternating rear lunge from capoeira)

Squat down>walk out to plank position>push-up> return to standing position

Lateral Lunges (alternating, both arms come to the front of body)

Walk out to plank position>Push-up>lateral plank w/ 5 second hold (alternating sides)

Air squat (squat w/ both arms in front of body)

Bird/dog- hold for 5 seconds, work on one side, then repeat on other side.

Roll down (similar to pilates version)

Work section (29:24 min.)

Round 1 (5:01 min.)- considered an extended warm-up, lower intensity to prepare for the other rounds (higher reps than in the subsequent rounds). All exercises performed for 30 seconds.

Jumping jacks

Seal Jacks: jumping jacks w/ straight arms opening & closing w/ the movement (hands clap/arms meet in the front of body when feet jump in & return back to the side when feet jump out).

Crossovers: Same arm movements as previous exercise w/ feet alternating crossing in front & back of each other.

Front & Back Running: fast split lunge jump w/ shallow range of motion (also known as scissors or scissor jacks). Opposite arm swings up as leg in the front.

Ice Skaters: Alternating lateral leap w/ hand touch to outside of foot (hand on same side as foot tapping to the rear, touches the foot).

Jump Squat: Cued that pace should slow down here, explosive repetitions w/ good form are the focus. Goal is 8 reps, not max reps.

Alternating Knee bounding: also known as skipping or power knees. Opposite arm to the knee lifts, counterbalances body, during the movement.

Repeat sequence, starting with Ice Skaters.

Active rest (60 seconds)

Round 2 (5 min.)- recommended to do 3-5 reps (more explosive movements than in the 1st round), perform the exercise> land> stand> reset/rest> continue onto next rep. About 10-30 seconds for each exercise.

Jump Squat

Squat thrust with tuck jump

Plyo Push-up: Explode up w/ arms & upper body on lift of exercise, then into child’s pose for a brief rest.

Plyo Pop Up: In lowered position of plank, pop up with body (jump w/ lower body, push off w/ hands) into squat position.

Plyo/Burpee/Tuck Jump: Perform all previous exercises (four) in a seamless motion (no rests between them).

Repeat entire sequence twice (2 min/ 1st time, 1:30/ for 2nd time & 3rd time through).

Active Rest (50 seconds)

Round 3 (5 min.)

Dumbbell Punch press: 5 reps, uses light dumbbells, start w/ arms in guard position & bent knees (bounce in position). Fast punch to the front w/ both arms w/ drive from the hips.

Dumbbell Jump Squat: 5 reps, uses light dumbbells (Georges used 10 lbs, modifier 5 lbs).

Low Shuffle: bodyweight, 10 reps, split lunge position, pace varies each time sequence is worked on (1st/fast, 2nd/slow, 3rd/fast). But the body stays in low position, so there’s no jumping up & landing.

Repeat entire sequence twice. (1:30 min. each time)

Active rest (60 seconds)

Round 4 (4:45: min.)

Dumbbell Power Clean: uses heavy weights, 5 reps or less (Georges was using 20 lbs).

Dumbbell Push Press: uses heavy weights, 5 reps or less.

Forward Bounding: Bodyweight, 5 reps. Huge forward jump, rotate to face other side, and repeat (one rep in each direction).

Repeat entire sequence twice (2 min./ 1st time, 1:30 min./ for 2nd time & 3rd time through).

Round 5 (5:33 min.)

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds.

Dumbbell/Power Clean/Push Press: Combines two exercises from round 4 in a seamless transition (no rests between them). Uses heavy dumbbells, 5 reps.

Fencer’s Lunge: bodyweight, 10 reps. Facing side, fast lunge to the side (leg moving forward has a bent knee/90 degrees, and w/ foot facing the direction of movement/the side of room. The other leg is straight, and foot is flat on floor, facing the front of room) w/ same side arm reaching for side, turn to other side, repeat (alternating one rep to each side).

Lateral Bounding: bodyweight, 10 reps. Like a lateral leap but the leg does not tap the floor, held in a knee lift position next to other or balanced to the rear (Start balanced on one leg, lateral jump, “covering height and distance,” landing on one foot).

Repeat entire sequence twice (about 1:30 min each time through).

Cool-down (6: 52 min)- All on floor, 30 second hold for each exercise

Hip flexor stretch w/ arm up, repeat on other side

Side straddle (full split position) or butterfly stretch (alternate exercise)

Hamstring stretch (both legs, straight, facing forward, bend at waist & arms reach forward)

Hip extensor/abductor stretch- legs both bent to 90 degrees, one in front and one in the back (front leg, outside of leg is flat on floor,, back leg has inside of leg flat on floor)> bend at waist to bring upper body forward (as far as possible), elbows rest on floor.

Lat stretch- start in quadruped position> extend both arms forward> sit/drop back the butt to the heels and hold (cues to widen stance of knees to also stretch the adductors).

Chest & shoulders stretch- arms straightened in the back of the body & hands clasped together, and arms are lifting upwards, this is performed while sitting on the heels.

Instructor Comments:
Erik provides great form pointers in the tutorial & in the workout.