Stott Pilates Express Series: Revive Workout

Moira Stott Merrithew
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Seniors/Seated , Special Health Conditions

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Moira instructs while Tanji and Massimo perform the exercises.

Workout length: approx 22 minutes

Difficulty: level two on a one to five scale. Slightly more challenging than the Sunrise workout in the same “express” series. Intended for beginners who need a slower pace while learning the exercises, and reminders of when to inhale/exhale. Easier modifications are shown on some of the basic exercises.

Music: Soft piano, relaxing.

From the Menu:
-5 Principles of Pilates
-Chaptered exercises named and pictured
-Bonus:The Secret to Flat Abs preview

Preliminary exercises
-Pelvic Placement
-Scapular Movement & Stabilization
-Head & Cervical Placement

Workout Basic exercises
-Imprint & Release
-Hip Release
-Spinal Rotation
-Scapula Isolation
-Cat Stretch
-Head Nods
-Ab Preps
-Breast Stroke Prep
-Shell Stretch
-The Hundred (with legs bent & alternating leg lowers)
-Half Roll Back
-One Leg Circle (with legs bent)
-Spine Twist (seated)
-Shoulder Bridge Prep
-Breast Stroke
-Side Kick
-Leg Pull Front Prep
-Lunge & Hamstring Stretch

In the introduction, Moira says this workout will “perk you up” and give you a mid-day “energy boost.” It left me feeling refreshed and ready for more of the same. I was nicely stretched and relaxed (rejuvenated even) but not boosted in the same sense I’d have been from doing a cardio workout. Not that I expected that, but your body will feel more balanced and lengthened when you’ve finished.

A few of the key exercises are again done with easier modifications (ie., one leg circle is done with bent leg, and hundred is done with alternating the leg and lowering to the floor in time with counting/breathing.) These modifications are excellent for someone not having the flexibility, abdominal strength, or stamina that some of the traditional exercises require. I look forward to some of the hip opening work and doing the Hundred with the added challenge in this particular workout.

Moira cues well, and the timing and pacing is wonderful. She suggests that this workout be paired with power walking or swimming, or another form of cardio.

I think this is a nice workout to have when you need a refresher on alignment and breathing. I am just returning to pilates, after a long time away and have been enjoying this series once again.

Instructor Comments:
Moira has a practical, no nonsense approach. She makes sure the workout is safe, gentle, and thorough. Some would say she's a bit dry, but I find her workouts very theraputic and smart.