Beyond Balletone

Shannon Griffiths Fable
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

I am not a dancer and don't really enjoy pure barre workouts; I prefer ones with a fusion feel. This workout had intrigued me for quite ahilw - a cardio ballet workout. I was engaged from the beginning and found that worked up quite a sweat while I did it.

Beyond Balletone, led by an extremely competent Shannon Fable, works on balance, muscle conditioning, strength and endurance, and cardio. The intresting thing is that it looks really easy - and turns out to be really be a more strenuous workout than you would think. What makes it such a solid workout seems to be the large multi-body-part movements that are used and kept up without a break. Shannon says that it is a deceptively hard workout and I found that to be true.

There are six segments to this workout.After the warm up, the first four segments focus on strength & balance and then the next two segments focus more on cardio. At the end, she offers the Allegro sequence, a chance to link all six patterns together for a 'grand finale'. All patterns are (or can be) low impact with intensity options. She establishes a pattern of movement in the first segment and keeps going back to that pattern throughout the workout. It makes knowing what to do next much easier. Additionally, Shannon is a good cuer and takes you through the movements with ease.

The music is well suited to this workout. It helps keep the flow of the workout going. The set is large and light - there is no problem seeing what Shannon is going at any point in the workout.

For me, this is a solid workout that doesn't take itself too seriously. My favorite line from the workout was when Shannon said, "Does it have to be pretty? Noooooo." In other words, do this move the best you can and don't worry about how you look!

I recommend this workout for those who want something different. It is not an "easy workout" nor is a traditional, stereotypical workout.

Instructor Comments:
She is a good cuer and is really supportive and encouraging in this workout.

Laura S.


I really liked this workout! Toning, stretching, and some light cardio all together. It is also a good workout for your feet and ankles, so is best done barefoot.

The pace is fairly slow during a lot of it which seemed very appropriate for the exercises. This is probably why it seems "deceptively" challenging. You have time to concentrate on form, balance, and positioning.

The six sections are a bit repetitive within each section but seem effective. At the end, the Allegro Chapter is a flow of these six sections strung together. I loved this part and this is the part I will do most often in the future. The dvd is chaptered so it will be easy to do just this section as many times as I want.

Instructor Comments:
Shannon has a pleasant demeanor - she is calm but still smiles and looks like she is enjoying herself. She gives some good tips during the workout.



This 60 minute cardio and strength "dance/ballet" fusion workout is appropriate for all fitness levels. Shannon's expert cueing will ensure proper form and execution.

The workout is well chaptered to provide various training options.


Play All
Warm Up
Barre Work:
*Pattern 1: Fall Front-Double Tap
*Pattern 2: Side Stretch-Passe
*Pattern 3: Leg Swing-Reach Back
*Pattern 4: Fondu-Falling Arrow
Bonus Patterns:
*Pattern 5: Walk Front-Reach Side
*Pattern 6: Chasse Front-Pivot Turn
Allegro Section
Cool Down

Expanding on the Balletone series, you'll begin with the first four segments which focus on strength & balance. A new addition to the series includes 2 segments focused more on cardio. (for a complete, balanced program)

Shannon performs the workout barefoot & clearly explains the hows/whys to doing this. The music was upbeat & Shannon's movements followed along with the beat. The set is spacious and unique, offering brick walls, painted walls and wood flooring. (clean, non-cluttered)

Traditional ballet moves (as shown in the Chapters menu) mingle with a touch of dance. Shannon begins simple then adds on to each sequence. She'll work through each exercise adding speed and power. (everything flows together beautifully)

The workout looks easy but once you move through the sequences you'll realize it's working. (as Shannon states "it deceptively challenging") The continual movement, especially in segments 5 and 6, and flowing sequences ensure fat burning (plus all the ballet moves will effectively tighten & tone the lower body). You'll also feel your arms working as Shannon incorporates various arm motions in each pattern.

This is a low impact, toning & cardio inspired Balletone workout. As an added bonus, Shannon included the Allegro segment. Here, you'll link together all 6 patterns for a fun finale. The dance conditioning techniques will tone the body and help to increase flexibility and balance. This, in my opinion, is the funnest Balletone to date!

Instructor Comments: