Stott Pilates Express Series: Sunrise Workout

Moira Stott Merrithew
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Seniors/Seated , Special Health Conditions

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Moira Merrithew instructs while Tanji and Adriana perform the exercises.

Workout length: approx 22 minutes

Difficulty Level: level one on a one to five scale. These basic introductory exercises are demonstrated with easier modifications, and done at a slower pace. Learning these foundational exercises are the key to developing the core strength needed for more advanced matwork.

Suitable for beginners, older adults, those with minor injuries or illness (such as back problems or weak abdominals,) less flexible individuals, anyone with muscle imbalance or poor posture.

Music: Soft piano, relaxing.

From the menu:
-Chaptered exercises with exercises named and pictured.
-5 Basic Principles of Pilates
-Bonus: Sample exercises of Pilates Revive workout

Preliminary exercise
-Pelvic Placement
-Rib Cage Placement
-Scapular Movement & Stabilization
-Head & Cervical Placement

Workout exercises
-Shoulder Rolls
-Neck Release
-Spine Stretch Forward
-Side Release
-Chest Opener
-Transverse Connection
-Imprint & Release
-Glute Release
-Scapula Isolation
-Hip Rolls
-Arm Raises
-Arm Circles
-Arm Scissors
-Shoulder Shrugs
-Head Nods
-Ab Preps
-Breast Stroke Prep
-Shell Stretch
-The Hundred (Kneeling)
-Half Roll Back
-Spine Twist Kneeling
-Single Leg Stretch Prep & Regular
-The Saw
-Side Leg Kick & Lift (with bottom leg bent)
-Tricep Pushups (Kneeling)
-Cat Stretch
-Mermaid (Standing)

Good to use upon awakening or before bedtime. Never rushed or hurried, but it gets you warmed up and leaves you feeling relaxed. Moira cues well and reminds you of when to inhale/exhale. I like that certain exercises like the “hundred” prep are done kneeling so there is no strain on your neck whatsoever. For the less flexible, Spine Twist is done kneeling, and Leg Raises are shown with bent knees. Great introduction to pilates when your core isn’t quite strong enough to do some of the beginning exercises, as intended. Gentle pace is wonderful for “rest” days.

If you have previous pilates experience, this will probably not be challenging enough, and you’ll quickly outgrow this DVD. But, for someone who is not quite ready for the beginner series, and need some modifications to the basic exercises, this is terrific and very well done! Moira is one of the best instructors and learning the five basic principles is fundamental to your progress. Eventually, you’ll be able to add more exercises onto the next, as each build on the one before it. Having a strong foundation is important, and at the beginner stage is necessary.

Instructor Comments:
Moira is very knowledgeable and incorporates a more theraputic feel, balancing flexion and extension moves between more tradittional sequencing. Wonderful instruction for any student of pilates.