Kettlebody by Brook

Brook Benten
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Kettlebell, Yoga

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Kettlebody by Brook is 3 dvd's meant to be used as a system. Brook advises using the program for 8 weeks. On day 1 you'll start with Cardio Kettlebell, day 2 you will do Yoga Burn and then on day 3 you finish with Bell Body Sculpt. You'll then repeat this sequence for days 4, 5 and 6. Day 7 is treated as a rest day. The dvd does have a safety and technique section that is advisable for beginners (and those that are new to kettlebells) to watch for learning perfect form and to get the most out of your workout. The set is nice, very well lit. Brook works out with Kelly, who revs the workout up a notch, and Tara.

Cardio Kettlebell:

This workout is 31.5 minutes in length, including a 3.5 minute warmup, 21 minutes of activity which includes a 2.5 minute stretch and a 7 minute cooldown which has more fluid stretching. This workout is designed to burn fat all while developing power and sculpting the lower body. I would suggest 1 light bell for this workout. Brook moves quickly (to keep heart rate up) so a lighter kettlebell makes more sense. She provides great form techniques. Slow halo's begin. This warms the shoulder area. Basic squats follow. Combine the two moves. Rear lunges are next. You'll add these into the combo. Overhead press continue working shoulder. You'll repeat this combination several times before going back into squats. Basic swings begin to get heart flowing. One arm swings follow. One armed overhead press combined with a squat are next. Wood chops work the obliques. Change arms to repeat to the left. Swings to each side follow, repeated with various rep counts. Rack bell to left and perform side lunges to the right. Same leg moves into forward lunge. When you repeat the move, you'll add side wood chops. Add on lunges with a forward pass. Suitcase squats follow. Mountain climber jumps with hands held on bell are next. Basic swings before repeating all the lunges to opposite side. The continuous lunging and squatting really fire up the lower body (and your metabolism)! After completing to left you'll return to basic swings. Brook works the inner thighs next by performing plie squats side to side. Outer thighs are worked by adding a side leg lift to the basic swing. Bring it back to basic swings. Now you'll put the two moves together, working one move then the next and repeat it several times. You'll finish with 8 basic swings. Release bell and start to bring it down. You'll perform a few quick stretches before moving into the fluid stretch segment. The fluid stretching is very relaxing, combining elements of Tai Chi and Yoga. Some poses are difficult, hand stand for example, however you'll have 2 other options to follow. The music here is so soft & mellow, adding to the ambience.

Yoga Burn: Brook's style of yoga is very athletic with a dash of "cardio". (yoga novices should be able to follow along and if needed, follow the modifier) You'll gain strength while enhancing your flexibility. You'll see all the basics here but Brook adds small cardio moves such as side step outs, power jacks, screamer lunges, and mountain climbers. The music is faster paced too as you'll continously be moving. (loved how the name "yoga burn" was incorporated into the music) Kelly continues to show more difficult options, as several poses really test your balance and flexibility.

Kettlebell Sculpt: True weight training moves using the kettlebell. (you can use a heavier bell in this workout) Brook leads you through a high rep, medium resistance workout. Starting in horn grip, bell down, you'll begin with basic squats. You'll perform different ranges of motions and also use pulses to maximize intensity. Romanian deadlifts work the hamstrings. Brook adds a balance challenge by lifting one leg in the air, making it harder for the opposing leg. The next move is pushups working the chest and arms. In the same position you'll then perform a row. This progresses by adding in an overhead press. (tough stuff) Beth performs a quick stretch before bringing it up for another row version. This is followed by one arm flys to work the rear shoulder. Upright rows continue working the shoulder area. Triceps are next and you'll perform overhead presses. Horn grip the bell to perform front raises to work the front head of the shoulder. Brook then combines an upright row, front raise to finish this area. Bicep curls follow. This is shown with 3 different grips on the kettlebell. Ab work is next and the use of the kettlebell increases intensity. The cooldown is the same as in dvd 1.