Strong Body, Fit Body

Erin O'Brien
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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There were many things that I liked about this workout. First, Erin has an amazing personality. She seemed like she was really having fun. She wasn't afraid to show that some exercises were tough, and I laughed (wrong I know, lol) when I heard her puffing and exhaling loudly at the same time I was. Then she would lay back on the floor after a particularly tough set. Next, she gave great form pointers that weren't so scientific that I had to break out my high school biology text to understand what she was talking about. The cardio bursts were not impossible either. Finally, the exercises were no fuss and just different enough that it wasn't the same old same. I liked that she worked multiple muscle groups together.

Although I cannot remember exactly what types of exercises she would do, it was mostly what most consider "compound" - rear lunges with lateral raises, squats with bicep curls, calf raises with shoulder raises, etc. But there were all done in such a way that not a minute was wasted, even though the pace was such that you didn't find yourself scrambling for weights too often. Erin used six pound weights, but I was able to use eight pounds for all but the lateral raises (had to drop to fives).

That being said, I don't know if I would use this again. I generally don't like doing total body workouts in a week. I really like splits, and this was more total body. Additionally, even though I liked that she worked multiple muscle groups, sometimes I would have to switch weights rapidly. I cannot do a squat and lateral raise without wondering if I am short changing my legs. Plus, I'm a rotation kinda gal, and I don't know where this would fit in.

However, if Erin did a splits workout, I would be all over it :)

Instructor Comments:
Lovely, encouraging personality. You could tell she enjoys working out and helping others reach their goals. I would love to see her do a walking workout or splits routine.



This is a 48 min high rep moderate poundage strength workout led by Erin in a really cute living room set w/ a nice view to a patio with no backgrounders. The dvd is nicely chaptered allowing you to play all or select any of the circuits. You will only need dumbbells for this workout.

This workout is broken down into 5 circuits of 3 exercises- you perform an exercise such as a lunge & Erin adds in other elements such as upper body and/or balance work. Erin only uses 1 set of dumbbells but I used a variety of weights. You learn each of the 3 moves in the circuit and then do them together and move on to the next circuit. After you learn the standing circuits you combine them from the beginning and go through one time. She finishes with a floor circuit & a cooldown stretch.

Exercises include: bicep-heel raise- side bend, tricep extension to walk out pushups, jump squats alternate w/ pulse squats, pliet- delt raise, torso twist, squat- lat row, unweighted lunges & walking pliets w/ big arms, dip -clean & press, plyo pliets, single arm pec fly w/ leg extensions, rib cage pull over w/ leg drops, and crunches.

I would rate this an intermediate workout done as is. Erin provides a lot of form pointers & explanation -making this an excellent dvd for those new to strength training. Erin is very energetic and excited to be working out. I like the pace the work is done at- quick enough to get my heartrate up and that she adds in some cardio to keep it up. This dvd was easy to amp up- add in more plyos and up the poundage and would be very easy to modify down. Very solid work that I enjoyed, though Erin would not be a fav instructor of mine. I received this dvd to review.