Play Ball in 4

Patrick Goudeau
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This med ball workout has four 15ish minute "quarters" (like a basketball game) & a cooldown. It is chaptered so you can combine them for one fun 63 minute w/o, or select a quarter. Patrick leads with 2 background exercisers in an open room w/ hardwood floors & fogged windows. You will only need your med ball! This dvd has it all: cardio, strength, balance, and core work!

First Quarter: Exercises include: shuffle, side step, ball to floor jacks, twist & knee pull, torso twists w/ arms extended, 180 lunge backs, jog forward & back w/ ball pushes, etc.

Second Quarter: Exercises include: jumping ball swings, shuffle ball pass, hopping heel clicks, squat -leg lift- ball pass, soccer drill toe taps, seated behind back ball roll, ball to ground lunge back, step touch, bi curls, etc

Third Quarter: Exercises include: double step touch ball up, box step, side lunge to knee balance, ball planks w/ knee pulls, jack knee ups, kneeling torso reach, washing machine: ski & torso twist, etc.

Forth Quarter: Exercises include: fast feet- floor touch, figure 8 between legs lunges, pulsing lunges, walking pushups, ball crunces, crunch-knee in- ball to toe, a fun full body core move- roll around- ball up- roll down, bikes w/ ball between knees, knee drops, one arm ball planks (tough), etc.

I would rate this an intermediate workout that is easy to modify up or down. Patrick does a fantastic job utilizing the ball in all the moves & in fun new ways. I am a huge fan of med ball work and Patrick- so I knew this was a good choice for me. Patrick is a great instructor w/ a wonderful energy, fantastic cuing and great form. Very versatile- use a light ball to keep it cardio or heavy up and use it as an aerobic weight training w/o. And includes plenty of time options. I received this dvd to review.