Extreme Intervals

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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This workout is part of the CLX deluxe fat-burning series (2nd set of deluxe workouts produced), is about 40 minutes long, and uses dumbbells (or bands w/ handles, one background exerciser, Donna, demos that option), and a stability ball. There are four background exercisers (one demos low impact/intensity options) along with Chalene. This workout follows the format of CLX Burn Intervals where cardio exercises are alternated with light resistance, high rep exercises. The ball is used for the cardio exercises (for movement & to increase intensity), and for the resistance exercises (for stability- used a bench or a seat, most resistance exercises start w/ 4 count>2 count> single reps). Itís a good workout w/ a variety of athletic cardio & light resistance exercises.


Warm-up- mostly squat variations: squat w/ ball held to front w/ arms, squat> alternating side reach w/ ball, squat w/ side reach/rotation & ball goes up above head, squat w/ alternating 3 side reaches, curtsey lunge w/ ball reaches & overhead, curtsey lunge w/ 3 alternating side reach/rotation, squat & overhead press w/ ball. Ball used for stability: rear lunge, inner thigh stretch, runnerís lunge> hamstring stretch.

Toe taps (one hand on ball)- hands switch> hand tap w/ bigger movement (lateral leap)

Cardio w/ ball: Toe Taps Side to Side w/ Ball- step taps and ball rotation to side>double step taps> double step taps & tap the floor with ball. Repeat sequence.

Biceps curls- seated on ball, variations w/ both arms and single arms

Overhead press- seated on the ball, variations w/ both arms and single arms

Cardio (w/out the ball)- lateral leaps> jumping jacks w/ arms alternating/punching up & down, lateral leaps> high knees> run in place (w/ high knees)> double knees (hold knee on one side for two counts), high-low punches to each side. Repeat sequence of exercises.

Overhead Press- seated on ball

Bench press- on ball

Chest press- on ball

Squats w/ ball- squats w/ ball raise to front> squat w/ ball rotation to each side> curtsey lunge w/ 3 ball rotations into shoot the ball (overhead press w/ power knee)> shoot the ball exercise>squats w/ ball raise to front> curtsey lunge sequence on other side> squats w/ ball raise to front> repeat entire sequence again (both sides).

Overhead triceps extension (double arm French press)- seated on the ball

Triceps kickback- single arm, chest & abs are on the ball (plank position on ball), non-working arm/hand is on the floor.

Reverse pulse lunge (bodyweight, no ball used)- Alternating pulse lunge (lunge, return to starting position, lunge again for another rep)> lunge jumps.

Squat w/ knee (bodyweight, no ball used)- Squat 3 xís/knee> single squat/knee> Screamers (fast rear tap into knee)> switch sides.

Cardio (w/out the ball): Sumo Burpees (legs in plie/sumo position)> Frog squat (pulsing low squat, elbows in front of knees)> Bowlers screamers (fast rear tap w/ working leg in curtsey lunge position) both sides> Mountain climbers.

Lateral Raises- seated on ball>Lateral Raises w/ squat (small lift with lower body off of ball)

Posterior Deltoid Lift-seated on ball, single arm (alternating)> both arms> alternating> Lateral Raises (seated on ball, alternating).

Cardio w/ ball-1-2-3 Tap- 3 side step and a tap> 3 side steps & side knee, 3 side steps/side knee w/ ball overhead> Single Knees w/ ball overhead> skis (fast jumps in lunge position w/ small range of motion, ball held in front of body)> 3 skis into lunge (hold, bigger range of motion)> Skis (single jumps)> Skis w/ ball traveling up & down in front of body.

Single leg deadlift- cued w/ heavier weight than previous exercises, hand rests on ball for stability, other hand holds dumbbell.

Stretch: 4:30, uses ball: inner thigh, runnerís lunge, hamstring. Seated on ball: shoulder, triceps, pelvic tuck.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene is a good lead in this workout, providing good instruction w/ motivating comments (no overkill chatting). She is doing all of the workout (unlike some of the CLX workouts where she walks around more), and does not spend much time correcting form.