Weighted Cardio Gloves Workout

Rebekah Sturkie
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a 20 minute DVD that comes with the pink Gaiam weighted gloves (1# each). These are the same gloves that came with the 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body, and are a good quality. While I wish the workout were longer, it was one intense little workout! Cardiomama already gave a thorough review of the DVD, so I’m just going to add my opinions.

Like Cardiomama, I used this workout in conjunction with other workouts (in today’s case, Firm Zen in Ten-one chapter, and Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Abs). This is the new Firm – short and intense bursts with a cardio emphasis (usually high impact) and quick moving multi-muscle exercises. I am thinking this is a hint of what the Firm Express series will be (I’m waiting for retail but have read up on it) and it is really a change of pace from the Firm workouts I have used (BBH, BSS series, and the Pinks). Wow! I love those workouts, but I love the change of pace too. I’m intermediate right now and this workout was a challenge for me – doable but even 20 minutes had me sweating and panting.

Rebekah does NOT waste any time. The warm up is brief, the main workout is basically a lot of sports drills (no choreographed cardio tunes here) and reminded me a lot of 10 Minute Solution Rapid Results Fat Burner with Cat (the Power Sports Drills chapter). If you liked that workout, you will like this. The workout isn’t AS kickboxing inspired as I had assumed, there are two repeated sets of roundhouse kicks, and some punches, but mostly it consists of lunge and squat variations with lots of large range of motion arm movements to engage the core. I was very pleased with how Rebekah intensified the core work in this one, and the planks at the end were great as well. I can see myself reaching for this one often, as a standalone cardio workout or as part of a longer workout. Like I said, my one and only complaint is that I wish the workout was longer – even 30 minutes would have been awesome. Overall grade A!

Instructor Comments:
Rebekah did “WOOO” a lot (and there was one time that it was earsplitting) and she did say “listen up/now listen” a lot as well, but it wasn’t overly distracting. I could do without the WOOS but I’m not going to let it cheat me out of a great workout. She moved very quickly from move to move but kept the viewer up to pace with her cues. She mirror cues as well. All in all I think she’s a very good instructor.

Emily B.


Rebekah Sturkie leads this 20 min., fast-paced athletic cardio workout (no downtime) that incorporates weighted gloves for the entire workout (there aren’t any background exercisers). There are 7 chapters for the workout. With the exercises, Rebekah always teaches the combo of athletic cardio w/ a base exercise, and then mixes them in together for the sequence (flow together w/ less reps completed then when initially teaching them). She does give modifications for lesser intensity/impact, and does whoop a few times and does say her favorite sayings “Listen Up/Now Listen” but not too often. Cueing is excellent, the volume of her voice is somewhat on the low side (but instruction is clear), and it’s easy to pick up the choreography (repetition in the workout, simple choreography w/ athletic, non-dancy exercises). I use this workout as an add-on to others (post main workout), so I don't use it on it's own. But think it would make a solid quick workout, if one puts in the intensity (can do all high impact versions, & use heavier gloves or even hold hand weights or repeat chapters to bump up the intensity).

Mostly standing exercises, just the plank work & stretches at the end are on the floor. Some of the strength exercises are: lunge variations, squat variations, standing crunches, planks, leg extensions, single leg deadlift, rotations/chops w/ arms, deadlift (hinge at hips). Some of the cardio exercises (have quite a bit of impact): step tap, jumping jacks, plyo variations, lunge jumps, jog in place, kicks, punches, marches.

Exercises in more detail (broke them up into sections that made sense for the pattern of exercises, but they are not matched w/ the chapters, and so that it’s not one long, confusing block of text to read):

Warm-up: Marches> V-step w/ alternating punches> step tap w/ arm reach & pull (1 arm to side full extended, other arm is bent)> hamstring curl w/ both arms pulling back> hamstring curls w/ L-strike (reverse motion of hook punch).

More of the warm-up: alternating step squat> step squat w/ side arm reach> kick w/ twist (arms punch to side as body rotates w/ twist)> Arm reach above head> hinge w/ arms sweeping in front of body (deadlift)> alternating reverse lunge>shoulder stretch/cued as press (alternate shoulders)> round & flatten back.

Segment 1: marches> wide stretches> Squat> Squat knee> squat, kick w/ single arm punch> pulsing squats> squat, kick w/ punch & plyos are performed in place of pulsing squats> squat, kick w/ punch & plyos with heel clicks> repeat sequence 2x’s> isometric squat> full squat w/ single arm reach to floor (other arm stays above head)> hold squat position w/ alternating arm reach.

Segment 2: skip> jog w/ legs kicking back> jog w/ diamond press (diamond shape w/ hands push to the front)> jog w/ knees up> Jog w/ arms pressing down> repeat sequence 4-5 x’s> marches.

Segment 3: March, march, hold knee up> repeat sequence but w/ power> marches> box pattern w/ lower body (traveling, alternating step side at an angle twice to move forward, & two steps to move back)> repeat sequence w/out power> same sequence w/ power: run, run to knee hold> hop vs. stepping in box pattern, repeated 3 or so times. Alternating knee crunch w/ arms meeting knee> 3 count pulse of knee crunch into jumping jack> other side> repeats.

Segment 4: 4 front lunges on both legs> lunge, hinge (at hips, deadlift-like position)> lunge, hinge w/ arms (V-up, side, V-down)> lunge, hinge w/ same arm patterns & glute lift. Alternating rear lunge> same move but w/ arms held overhead> same move but w/ arm chop to hip added (opposite side of leg)> same move but rear lunge becomes curtsey lunge. Shuffle feet> small lunge jumps> double lunge jumps (2 reps on one side)> power jumps (larger range of motion)> repeat sequence starting w/ double jumps, 3-4 x’s.

Segment 5: Alternating step tap> step tap & low, side kick (left side)> same move but w/ bigger range of motion for kick> same move w/ punch side & down w/ arms> small jumps (cued as jump rope center)>Repeat sequence on other side, and repeat again, 3 x’s. Squat> squat w/ alternating straight arms sweep down & to side (bent)> same move but w/ side knee> repeat sequence.

Segment 6: 4 count side lunge w/ arm reach down & overhead, hinge forward w/ single arm reach down (3 count: hand reaches to knee, ankle, knee)> same move w/ leg extension added to the side (arms reach overhead) & back (hand reaches ankle). Knee lifts w/ arms overhead> 3 side knee lifts w/ jumping jack to change sides> repeat on other side> same move w/ elbow pulling down to meet knee> 3 knee lifts but to the front (with opposite arm as leg twisting to meet) & jumping jack to change sides> Jumping jacks w/ arms overhead> 4 count side lunge sequence on left side. Plank position & bring knees to floor> same move with upper body crunch added to it> 3 second holds in that crunch position.

Stretch: child’s pose, quad/hip flexor stretch (start in quadruped position> opposite arm reaches for leg & holds, a twist on a quad stretch), downward dog, standing side stretch, triceps, shoulders.