Disco Dojo

Scott Cole
Year Released: 2011

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Tai Chi / Qigong

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This workout is my first experience with Scott Cole. I have never tried any of his Tai Chi or stretch workouts, so I have no notions of how he should/should not be.

This workout is divided into defined segments, with a "break" between each segment (like a fade out and back in). But it flows well and doesn't feel choppy. Some of the segments have a disco focus (low-impact aerobics with a disco-flair) and some have a dojo focus (more punching moves, like martial arts).

Scott does a good job at breaking down a move slowly and then moving it up to speed. The structure of this workout is that he does a handful of moves, breaks them down to fewer reps, then repeat on the other side if needed. Then --many times-- he would go back and TIFT one last time. Not too repetitive though, since each segment had it's own moves/choreography. (But if you dislike TIFT --take it from the top-- then you might not like this.)

Some random thoughts:
*Fun, not too complicated, a little more challenging than a walking workout (like Leslie Sansone)
*Low-impact, for the most part (very brief fast-feet segment, some hopping or leaping...very modifiable)
*Can be kept fairly "elegant and upright" (he said something along those lines that made me chuckle) or it can be "funked up"/discoed a bit, if you prefer
*Scott's a bit goofy and says some silly things...but I liked it! I chuckled quite a few times at the comments he made
*Yes, the music is generic and a bit monotonous....but it has a nice beat and it sure beats the music on most walking workouts (I generally couldn't care less about music in a workout, so that's neither here-nor-there for me)...but the beat was defined and easy for me to find (I am, decidedly, a non-dancer)
*I liked the variety of backgrounders, especially the one lady in the back who looked just about as awkward as I felt (yay for 2 left feet!)

Instructor Comments:
A little of the disco fun felt a bit forced (can I get a "heyyyyy!") but overall, it felt like a fun, light-hearted alternative to walking workouts. Don't expect a hard-core sweat-fest....and don't expect to hear real songs from the 70s. You won't get either.