Deanna McBrearty
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Set: Nice, well lit studio.

Music: A unique soundtrack that includes the popular Porcelain by Moby and Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This by Eurythmics.

Workout: Working through the stretches, Deanna actively guides you through the motions. Performed all on the floor, she uses fluid motions & stretches to warm up the body and prepare for the cardio. Many of the stretches are ballet inspired. (they also have some toning benefits as well) Next you'll move onto the cardio segment. Traditional aerobic dance moves mingle with a touch of ballet. Done standing, Deanna begins simple then adds on as the workout progresses. She'll work through each exercise, often utilizing multiple muscle groups. (everything flows together beautifully) All fitness levels can participate and no prior ballet/dance experience is necessary. (her instruction is clear) The continual movement and flowing sequences ensure fat burning (plus all the lower body emphasis will tone and tighten that area effectively) The workout concludes with abdominals and final stretch. Lots of variety to work the entire core area is included.

Balocity is low impact with an emphasis on lower body and core toning. The workout is fun and will keep the participants motivated.

Instructor Comments:
Check out Deanna's website for all her personal accomplishments.