10 Minute Solution: Belly, Butt, & Thigh Blasters

Jessica Smith
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength

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This dvd has already been broken down pretty thoroughly in the reviews section, so I will just post my overall impressions. I really liked it! This dvd has some fun ab, butt, and thigh using only the firewalker band. There are five 10 minute sections Ė 2 for abs and 3 for legs. I would rate the dvd solid intermediate. I think you can make it harder or easier by changing the thickness of the band.

What I Liked
This dvd is great for travel. Really got me in the glute and hamstring area. I like that each section was very focused. Jessica has a fantastic personality, and goes slowly enough that you can take the band on and off with ease. Loved the abs sections!

What I Didnít Like
I came into this workout thinking it was strictly toning, and while the cardio section was fun, I wish that the dvd had remained all toning and the cardio section taken out. Additionally, I donít feel that the thighs were worked as hard as the glutes, hamstrings, and abs. It might just be that my thighs have gotten stronger and I need a thicker band, but if thatís the case I cannot switch the bands quick enough to compensate for my stronger thighs.

Overall, I really like the workout and can see myself using it for travel or if I just want to change up my lower body routine.

Instructor Comments:
Jessica was very encouraging and down to earth. She just seems so NICE!



This is an ab and leg focused workout from the 10 Minute Solution series, which utilizes a small loop band (they give you two bands with the DVD, but I found they broke quickly, and got higher quality replacements from Perform Better). I really enjoy using the loop band and was really excited to get this DVD (I got it when it came out in 2009 and have used it fairly frequently since) and Jessica uses the band really creatively and effectively. There are three toning chapters (two for legs and one for abs) as well as two cardio chapters (one leg focused and the other ab focused). I like to use individual chapters add-on style after heavy leg work, to really burn out the legs and work on endurance, or for a lighter cardio/leg day, or for travel, because the bands fit right in the DVD case and no other equipment is needed.

There is a small annoyance with the loop bands (which is consistent with different brands of the band) in that it bunches up and feels uncomfortable on your legs, and requires some readjusting every few minutes. Jessica didnít seem to have hers bunch up too bad, but even her band slipped down her legs quickly. But I still enjoy working with the band too much to let this deter me.

Jessica moves things right along with a fairly short (0:30 minute) warm up and cool down in each chapter, and the music in this is fun. Lindsey already broke this down, so Iím just going to add my opinions.

-Better Booty Camp: As suggested by the title, this toning chapter really focuses on the glutes. All of the exercises are done standing. The band and choices of exercises really does allow you to work the glutes without working the hamstrings and quads, something I know people really enjoy about Beachbodyís Brazil Butt Lift (I have that too and think they are a similar style, but with some different exercises, and work nicely together).

-Strong & Slim Thighs: This all standing toning chapter works the entire legs, and when it is performed after already doing the first chapter (BBC), you will continue to feel it in the glutes. I particularly like that Jessica moves slowly enough in this section for you to achieve a very large range of motion (deep squats often touching the ground), while also working on your balance Ė you are often balancing on one foot in this one.

-Trim & Toned Tummy: Performed all on the floor, this toning chapter works the abs and core nicely. I thought it was pilates inspired and included long lever crunches with the legs which really worked the lower abs. There is also some side crunch and side plank work with the band around the knees. The pilates work uses the band around the ankles, and held in the hands while doing moves like the roll up. Very effective for the core area!

-Lower Body Makeover: This is an all standing cardio chapter focused on the legs. Using the band around the ankles (or mid-calf area, but it slips down on Jessica and on me too!) you do some faster paced toning moves mixed with some jack and jumping variations Ė very effective to keep the heart rate up, and if followed directly by the BBC and SST chapters, really works leg endurance by this point!

-Belly Flab Fighter: This is a primarily standing cardio chapter focused on the abs. You use the band in your hands in this one and Jessica does lots of twisting, crunching, and knee ins which really engage the abs. For some reason I do not enjoy the choreography as well in this one (although it is easy enough to follow), so this is my least used chapter.

Like the majority of the other 10 Minute Solution workouts, this is solid Intermediate level with some wiggle room to make it easier or harder, depending on the thickness of the band (I can use the slightly thicker hand for the toning sections but use the thinner band for the leg cardio). This is also one of those workouts that you get out what you put into it Ė if you put a lot of energy and large ROM into it, you are going to feel it a lot more (and get a more intense toning and cardio benefit) than if you just went through the motions. I really think this DVD fills a unique niche in that you get 40 minutes of varied and creative exercises using the band (discounting the BFF chapter which only uses the band as a prop in the hands) that I have not seen another exercise DVD offer. If you are interested in this type of exercise, I think itís worth the (inexpensive) investment. Grade A!

Instructor Comments:
I think I have nearly all of Jessica Smithís workouts by now, and she has yet to disappoint me. Her style seems to lean on standing core engagement, fairly high intensity cardio (with easy to follow choreography), moderately high rep exercises, large range of motion, and Pilates influenced core work, and she really has a knack for putting a creative twist on all of her exercises in her different videos (she has several 10MS videos and some other newer ones) which sets her apart from some of the other mainstream workouts. She is enthusiastic, upbeat, encouraging, and has good form pointers.

Emily B.


This dvd has five 10 minute segments that can be mixed and matched to create a 10-50 minute workout. Jessica leads in the cute 10 MS studio looking set with no backgrounders. The dvd is packaged with a resistance loop. You won't need any other props for the workout.

Jessica does a really good job at utilizing the band in unique ways- really keeping the workout interesting and adding new twists to some traditional moves. She also does a great job of incorporating the band into most all the moves. All the segments flow really well.

Better Booty Camp: This is a standing LB section that has lots of great combo moves. Exercises include: bow & arrow, squat & rear glute pinch, squat leg lift, balance stick, pulsing pliets, attitude ballet leg lift, squat walks, side lunge- leg lifts, and concludes w/ standing donkey kicks.

Strong & Slim Thigh: This is a standing LB section that includes some nice pilates inspired moves w/ the band. Exercises include: balance beam squat leg lifts, single leg squats, floor touch squats, standing pilates leg circles, flamingo balance touch down, squat- inner thigh sweep, etc.

Trim & Toned Tummy: This is a nice little floor core routine. Moves include: heel drop crunches, circle crunches, long leg hip lifts, leg drops circles, criss cross/ scissor legs, side plank, bicycle variations, side crunches, etc. My core was well worked.

Lower Body Makeover: This section includes some great cardio in with your lower body work. Exercises include: squat- floor touch, band skaters, jacks, heel push- toe taps, skis, squat w/ 180 jumps,

Belly Flab Fighter: This is an awesome core cardio workout! Moves include: walk up w/ knee pull down, side step-figure 8's, plank knee pull ins, Mt. climbers, torso twists, oblique twist w/ the band behind you & a knee pull, etc. Jessica does a great job of keeping the core work active and adding in core work to the cardio moves.

I would rate this an intermediate workout that is very versatile. Love that each section is targeted and that it includes a core cardio routine. Jessica is a wonderful lead and does a fantastic job of cuing, providing modification tips, and her form is great. Really enjoy this dvd (as I do all the new 10 MS w/o's) and will be getting a lot of use out of it. I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review.