Supreme 90: Cardio Challenge

Tom Holland
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Esta programa is bueno like the nalga of Emilio con la gran cantante Cuameri Senora Gloriass.
Emalio ace Los routines con mucho patio De amour.
Cuando El gaga in Miamia the odor is absolutely horrible
Lavate esos dentures y mass animus canto De burro.
Good routine to do while listening to congas.
Asi Asi Los macetas De Miami Emilio and Gloria!!!💩💩💩

Comi Mierda


I in amor with these exercise routines.
Make me sweat mas then Jacobs papers on me. Maybe I lose my panza and I make Gloria do with me it tambien.
Now. get on my feet smell malos.

Emilio Estefan


I keep coming back to S90.
Tried p90x3, body beast, rushfit, ruthless.
This is the better of all the above.
Cardio Challenge puts X3 CVX to shame!
Sorry Tony :'(

Instructor Comments:
Holland is excellent!



I compete in amateur boxing and this dvd has really helped
my endurance.
The entire set is great!
I have seen Rushfit and Supreme 90 forces GSP Rushfit to tap out!

Instructor Comments:
Mr. Holland is outstanding as instructor.
No bsing gets right to work and has a nice personality.
I hope they come out with a S90 Day Two.



I really like this interval workout. It consists of 31 30-second intervals followed by 30 seconds of rest. I find it fairly challenging, although there are a few intervals that are easier interspersed throughout.

Weights are used for a cardio effect, but this is not a strength workout. The goal is to move fast, so mostly you will want to use lighter weights than you would for the same move in a strength workout.

Overall, this is a nice quick workout to fit in when you are short on time, but want something effective.

Instructor Comments:
Tom does a good job of keeping the workout timed correctly here, and I appreciate that. The rests don't drag on too long and neither do the exercises.

Lisa C


Tom leads this 40ish minute cardio workout in a lifting gym style set. Tom leads the workout PT style with 2 background exercisers actually performing all the moves. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The dvd is chaptered into warmup and workout (the warmup is the same for all the discs in this series) and the workout includes a cooldown. A countdown timer comes up for the final 5 seconds of the work portions.

This workout is structured that you do 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. This is a cardio workout but there are some "strength" moves- I just used light- med dumbbells & used the weights to up the cardio intensity of the work. The dumbbell moves are done w/ lighter poundage & they are fast paced.

Exercises include: sumo squat- upright row, fast high knees, power jump squats, dumbbell upper cuts, jump lunge, double arm row, squat & overhead press, high kicks, mt. climbers, kettlebell swing, lunge –overhead press, elevator planks, wood chops, burpees, fast unweighted dips, bear crawl, plank jacks, pec fly- knee tucks, skaters, plank to side plank, jump rope, pushups, weighted V twists, knee pull & oh press, etc.

I rate this is a higher intermediate workout- not as tough as Tabata Cardio IMO because of the few "recovery" type moves he includes and the "strength-esque" moves that are not straight cardio. Still a challenging and fun workout that I really enjoyed. The format does allow you to really give it your all because its only for 30 seconds and you know you have a 30 second rest coming up. Received this dvd to review.



Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge
“Lunges aren’t bad for you; bad lunges are bad for you.”
This workout clocks in at about 41 minutes, and it follows a 30 second work/ 30 second rest pattern. Many of the moves are done with weights, and Tom emphasizes that this is to increase the cardio effect rather than build strength. You can’t go heavy because the moves are fast.
I would say this workout is in the advanced range if challenging weights are used. It can be made more intense if you use a 40/20 format. In some instances (eg. plank jacks) modifications are shown.

Although the workout is not chaptered, you can skip the warm-up if you want to put two workouts together. I did this in combination with the Total Body workout, so I only did the warm up and cool down once.

Warm up (4:19)
Workout (31:00)
Sumo upright row (weighted)
High knee run
Press with rotation (weighted)
Pop squat [squat down; jump up]
Dumbbell uppercuts (weighted)
Plyo lunge
Dumbbell row (weighted)
Overhead press with squat (weighted)
Straight Leg Front kicks
Mountain climbers
Swimmers (weighted; swing straightened arms forward and backward)
Dumbbell swing (weighted)
Alternating lunge with overhead press (weighted)
Rear delt fly (weighted)
Spider plank (alternate between elbow plank and upright plank in a down/down/up/up pattern)
Wood chop (weighted)
Reverse lunge
Bear crawl
Squat with lat raise (weighted)
Plank jacks (on elbows; advanced move includes arms and leg bounce)
Lateral lunge
Chest fly with knee tuck (weighted)
Dumbbell punches (weighted)
Plank rotations
Jump rope
Push ups
Seated twist (weighted)
March w/ fast alternating shoulder press (weighted)

Cool down (6:00)

Instructor Comments:
Tom Holland instructs two exercisers, but he doesn't do the workouts himself. His backgrounders are a very fit man and a very fit woman. Tom demonstrates each move during the 30 second break, and this is helpful especially the first time through.