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Angie Miller
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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I had tried other workouts by Angie Miller, but couldn't get into them. When I acquired this DVD, I figured I probably wouldn't like it, but that it was worth a try. And, boy, was it. I ended up really enjoying this workout. It combines strength work with cardio bursts to give an engaging hour-long workout.

In this workout, Angie uses the step and shows all the higher impact options and her one background exerciser, Chris, demonstrates the easier (but still challenging) modifications on the floor. Given my bad knees, I really appreciated the options given in this workout.

There are six blocks of strength moves with cardio bursts at the end of each strength block. The exercises are mostly multi-muscle compound moves and the cardio is in short bursts, designed to get the heart going and improve endurance. Throughout the workout, Chris uses one set of weights while Angie uses weights until the last two strength blocks when she switches to bands. Personally, I thought it useful to have two sets of weights easily available, a lighter set and a heavier set. But, there will be no prompting to change weights as they use one set.

Angie cues well in this workout. She talks a LOT, but it's almost all about form pointers and healthy ideas, etc. I find her really engaging and fun in this workout.

One of the best things about this DVD is that it gives you so many options. You can use weights or you can use the band in the last two blocks. You can use the step - or not. There are also premixes included on the menus and they add a LOT of flexibility. Those premixes include:

Tubing Work: 27 minutes using blocks 5 & 6 plus core
Weight Work: 33 minutes using blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus core
Power Set One: 30 minutes which includes blocks 1, 3, 5 and 6
Power Set Two: 30 minutes which includes blocks 2, 3, 4 and 5

Instructor Comments:
I find Angie really engaging and fun in this workout.

Laura S.


This 63 minute cardio/ strength w/o is led by Angie w/ 1 backgrounder who shows modifications. The set is super cute- almost a huge living room look to it. You will need dumbbells, (optional) tubing, and a step for this workout.

The bulk of the workout is strength work but is paced quickly so your heartrate will get up there. Between the strength sets Angie adds in a cardio burst. Lots of compound moves & she changes the tempo of the work to keep your muscles guessing. And she adds in tons of balance challenges! She also includes a core section at the end.

The fist portion of the workout Angie uses dumbbells. Angie uses one set of light dumbbells for this but I used multiple sets & heavied up as much as possible- which really upped the intensity of the work. Exercises include: clean & press w/ a knee lift, side squat off the bench w/ biceps, pulsing squats over the bench, side squat off bench -knee pull - clean & press, curtsy dips & bicep curls w/ a side lunge-knee- OH press, pliet- torso twist- w/ a heel lift & OH press, dead lift- rear delt fly, etc.

The second portion is tubing (the mod uses dumbbells). Moves include: band dip w/ rear glute raise on step, lots of bicep variations, hopping onto the step, lat row & high pulls, rotator cuff work, sumo squats, jacks & power sqauts, etc.

Done as is w/ light poundage- I would say this is an intermediate- heavying up really provided a great sweaty challenge! I really found this workout unique and fun! Angie is very chatty but super like-able (she says "ya" a lot). Her cuing and form pointers were spot on and she is obviously a very knowledgeable instructor. Easy dvd to break up or do in whole. I received this dvd to review.