Hip Hop Abs: Total Body Burn

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I really like this workout - it is mostly cardio, although it does include some light weighted work. It runs about 42 minutes. This workout is included in the Hip Hop Abs I ordered from Beachbody.

The music is what you would expect from something called Hip Hop Abs. It makes me want to move and keep up with the other exercisers in the video. I would categorize this as an itermediate workout - it gets my heart rate up more than the other workouts in this collection. I have to use lighter weights when I get to the weighted part of the workout because there are a lot of reps, and the pace is quite fast. But I like some of the exercises...one is a shoulder press where you lean to the side...it really works my obliques.

I will be doing this video on a regular basis because I think it is so much fun.

Instructor Comments:
I like Shaun T. He seems to be having fun, and that makes the workouts fun for me. He cues well, and the workout is over before I know it.

Debbie Smith-Wagar