Supreme 90: Chest, Shoulders, & Tri's

Tom Holland
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This workout led is by Tom Holland who works out with 3 background exercisers in a "lifting gym" type set. Tom acts as a personal trainer & assists the others in the work. You will need dumbbells & a stability ball though Tom offers no equipment modifications throughout. The dvd includes a chaptered warmup, workout, and cooldown and is approximately 45 minutes in entirety.

The workout is sequenced that you do three exercises in a circuit (which is shown once beforehand so you know what to expect) and then repeated three times. Exercises include: spider crawl pushups, Arnold press, tri kickback, bench press on ball, plank lat raise combo, overhead press on ball, tricep combo on the ball, pec fly w/ leg drop (hits the abs), etc.

What I really liked was that each participant basically goes at their own pace-so you can pick one to follow or simply go at YOUR own pace. Some of the exercisers will go and change weights between moves & then jump in to start their reps. Tom says- 8-12 reps and stresses good form. So you do what you can do with good form. By the end of the 40ish minutes my chest, shoulders, and tri's were VERY well worked and I know I will be feeling this tomorrow. I like Tom- great pointers, good personality and cuing. I can't wait to try the rest of the discs in this set. I received this dvd to review from Supreme 90.