Physique 57: Thigh and Seat Booster

Shelly Knight
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Ballet/Barre

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Here is a breakdown of the DVD:

o Warmup (2 min): Barre-style march followed by some quick upper body work: 8 pushups, then hold in plank pulsing the right leg, then tuck the right leg to the chest and extend back.
o Thighs (8+ min): Lunge variations, curtsy, warrior 3 with leg variations, front leg extensions. Repeat pushup routine, this time pulsing and tucking the left leg. Repeat lunges, curtsy, warrior 3, and leg extensions on other side.
o Thigh Wide Leg Plie variations (2+ min): Several variations to work the thighs and glutes
o Thigh Dancing (<1.5 min)
o Glutes (5 min.): Standing glute work, right side. You use the ball in back of the knee for the first part.
o More plies (4+ min): Includes several plie variations that were not on the other DVDs, and really worked the thighs and glutes.
o Glutes (5 min), repeat earlier segment on second side
o Standing Stretches
I was pleasantly surprised about the little bit of upper body work on this DVD. I really liked this DVD, and it gave a great thigh and butt workout!!



General Description: This is short but intense barre workout that mainly focuses on the lower body. After a brief warm-up, there's some balance work done on each leg with the non-standing leg either extended backward or forward. It also includes a few push-ups and plank variations where you move one leg. Thigh work included knee dancing and some standing work that included a plie variation that wasn't in the other P57 workouts. Seat work included some work with ball held by one leg (similar to a move in P57: Advanced Express) and some other moves that didn't use the ball.

Overall Impressions: I enjoyed this one and thought it was a nice blend of traditional and non-traditional moves for a barre workout. However, I felt that it worked the glutes a bit more than the thighs.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Shelly did a good job on this one and seemed more at ease overall than in P57: Arms and Abs Booster.