Body Rev Cardio Conditioning

Bob Harper
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I was hoping for a thorough break down of this workout in a previous review. Then I could say "(X reviewer) has broken down this workout thoroughly, so I'll just give my general impressions." Well, I'll still just give my general impressions.
What I can say about this workout is that it is a good advanced workout mixing short bursts of intense cardio mixed with mostly kettlebell type movements using a dumbbell (I do use my 15 lb kettlebell when appropriate).
Bob is all EXTREME! The set is dark and pretty much a P90X rip off. He drones on about "pushing yourself", thinking "outside the box", and generally screams at the participants who all seem to be going at their own personal pace and sometimes just doing their own thing. Occasionally Bob corrects form. I was really waiting for Bob to say "This is not your mother's workout!!!". Alas, this did not happen.
Even though the form seems to be all over the place, I really have little difficulty following the workout. None of the moves are terribly complicated. When I first did it I just felt like it was long and boring (and pretty tough) but as I do the workout more and more, the time seems to go by faster and faster. So, if you find it boring the first few times, give it a few more tries.
My heart rate stays elevated throughout the workout. I would not classify it as a pure cardio workout however.
The last section is standing abs. I have never really gotten into this type of ab work (not that I really "get into" ab work anyway). It has never seemed particularly effective to me, so I do some stuff on the floor.
There is a counter in the lower right hand corner of the screen which is actually quite motivating to me.
Lets see, what else can I add? Oh-- I do modify. I'm not about to do squat jumps holding 15 pounds. Also, if you like mountain climbers there is a couple of sets of those. I hate mountain climbers. I dislike them far more than burpees.



This dvd has a 60 minute cardio & sculpting interval workout and a 25 minute all strength workout on it. Bob (the Biggest Loser trainer) works out w/ 3 background exercisers on a really cool gym style set. You will need dumbbells for this workout. One backgound'er shows some easier modifications. There is a timer bar that counts down the hour & tells you what exercise is coming up.

The cardio & strength work in this is progressive as Bob constantly adds in new challenges- such as a hop or upper body work. Bob acts as a personal trainer in this- shows you the move & then coaches the others. You will find a TON of variety in this from kickboxing, kettle bell inspired work, athletic calisthenics, and gym style strength work.

Some of the moves include: Mt. climbers, pushups, walk out planks, jacks, punches, lots of kettlebell swing variations, static squats (ouch!), dead lift & upright rows, fast floor touch squats, fast feet, 180 jumps, overhead press, scorpion pushups, and jumping jacks.

I would rate this a low advanced cardio and strength workout. Bob does a great job of keeping things moving and really working those muscles- including the heart! If you are a fan of Bob and are looking for a challenging cardio + strength workout- this is the dvd for you! I received this dvd from Collage Video to review.