GSP RushFit Balance & Agility

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This workout is on the RF bonus workouts DVD, and includes the Stretching for Flexibility workout. This is a bodyweight workout, a dumbbell is only used as a marker (standing upright) for some of the lunges that require a reach w/ arm (hand taps dumbbell). Georges recommends that people do not wear shoes during this workout, but some may need them during the impact sections (X jacks,side jumps). There is a timer for the workout (each section), and the names of each exercise in the work portion are displayed, too. There is always an exerciser who demos the less intensive/low impact exerciser (tends to be female), but not during the entire workout (when Erik cues the modifications or when she is obviously tired in the workout). For the work section, it is just the female exerciser (Victoria) and Georges participating (the warm-up & cool-down both have another exerciser). The exercises did not seem to grouped into five rounds like the other RF workouts, there are some exercises performed one time through, and some repeat in a sequence.

I think this workout is one of the best of the RD set, it has varied and challenging exercises in it. I like that no equipment or shoes are needed, and it is a butt kicking workout (and under an hour long).

Warm-up (10:50 min)- 10 exercises performed for 1 minute each.

Torso twists
Side bend (alternating sides)
Walk out arms to plank position/walk feet into standing/starting position (one rep in one direction, then turn around & repeat in other direction)
Ginga (alternating rear lunge from capoeira)
Squat down>walk out to plank position>push-up> return to standing position
Lateral Lunges (alternating, both arms come to the front of body)
Walk out to plank position>Push-up>lateral plank w/ 5 second hold (alternating sides)
Air squat (squat w/ both arms in front of body)
Bird/dog- hold for 5 seconds, work on one side, then repeat on other side.
Roll down (similar to pilates version)

Work section (23:48 min.)-

Each performed for 30 seconds

Forward lunge: body faces forward, then alternates a forward lunge w/ the body rotated/angled (about 45 degrees) to the side, w/ the hand on the opposite side of the body (to the leg lunging forward) tapping floor

Lateral Lunge: alternating sides, hand on the opposite side of the body as the bent leg taps the floor

Reverse Lunge: alternating legs, hand on same side of body, as leg stepping back, taps the floor.

Cross back lunge (curtsey lunge): alternating legs, hand on same side of body, as leg stepping back, taps the floor.
Single Leg Driver (single leg squat w/ an arm reach/bend at hips: Dumbbell is used as marker to tap w/ the hand. Stand a distance from the dumbbell>Balance on one leg, reach for dumbbell w/ hand on same side of body, as leg up (leg can be bent or straight, Georges demos a straight leg version). Perform on other side.

Single Leg Cross Driver: similar to the Single leg driver, but the dumbbell is placed to the side, the body has to rotate in order for the hand to tap the dumbbell. Hand on same side of body, as the bent leg, taps the dumbbell.

Opposite Leg Driver: similar to the Cross driver, but the hand on the opposite side of the body, as the bent leg, taps the dumbbell.

Single Leg Airplane: Inverted Hamstring position (stand on one leg, bend at hips> other leg is straight & in line w/ body, arms form a T), while rotating the upper body to tap one hand to the floor, alternating sides while balancing on one leg (this is a tough exercise). Repeat on other side.

Repeating circuit (focus on speed)

1st sequence (30 seconds on each exercise)
X-hops: jump feet in (close together)>jump forward & out>jump feet in> jump back & out
Line Hops: 4 small side jumps forward> 4 side hops back, repeat
Repeats 2x’s

2nd sequence (60 seconds each exercise)

Gorilla squat: Squat down to ground (plie/sumo turnout), place fists on ground>push off hands to bring body forward> stand up. Two in one direction, then two in the other.

Mule kick: place hands on ground (weight on hands)>kick legs up in air (body is vertical position). Modified exercise: place hands on ground> bring bent legs up (feet off ground as high as comfortable).

Alligator/Bear crawl: Push up variation w/ leg in lunge position (arm same side as bent leg, is close to the inside of the knee), like a crawl close to the floor when performing the push-up. Two forward, two back.

Floor pull up w/ pop up- Body is face down on floor, arms extend in front of head>pull body forward w/ upper body/ cued as “pull elbows close to hips” (arms bend to pull body & body has to come off floor for this movement to occur)> pop up into squat position and stand up> repeat on other side (two in each direction).

Walking Lateral pushup- in plank position, 2 reps travel to side (hands alternate over & under each other)> push-up, repeat on other side.

Repeats once.

Cooldown (6: 52 min)- all on floor, 30 second hold for each exercise

Hip flexor stretch w/ arm up, repeat on other side

Side straddle (full split position) or butterfly stretch (alternate exercise)

Hamstring stretch (both legs, straight, facing forward, bend at waist & arms reach forward)

Hip extensor/abductor stretch- legs both bent to 90 degrees, one in front and one in the back (front leg, outside of leg is flat on floor, back leg has inside of leg is flat on floor)> bend at waist to bring upper body forward (as far as possible), elbows rest on floor.

Lat stretch- start in quadruped position> extend both arms forward> sit/drop back the butt to the heels and hold (cues to widen stance of knees to also stretch the adductors).

Chest & shoulders stretch- arms straightened in the back of the body & hands clasped together, and arms are lifting upwards, this is performed while sitting on the heels.

Instructor Comments:
Erik is more on the serious side, but he provides excellent form pointers, modifications & cues. He demos the exercises, but is not working along the entire time w/ the exercisers (I know this matters to some people).