GSP RushFit Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This workout uses one set of dumbbells. There are 2 background exercisers, plus Georges and Erik (the trainer). There are 5 rounds in this workout, rounds 1& 2, have
a mix of standing & floor exercises w/ dynamic movements, and the use of dumbbells. While rounds 3-5 have just bodyweight, floor exercises, some dynamic movement and many isometric holds. It’s a great, thorough workout, with core focus, but does work the entire body (and the workout flows nicely, transition of exercises into the next).

Warm-up (10:50 min)- 10 exercises performed for 1 minute each.

Torso twists
Side bend (alternating sides)
Walk out arms to plank position/walk feet into standing/starting position (one rep in one direction, then turn around & repeat in other direction)
Ginga (alternating rear lunge from capoeira)
Squat down>walk out to plank position>push-up> return to standing position
Lateral Lunges (alternating, both arms come to the front of body)
Walk out to plank position>Push-up>lateral plank w/ 5 second hold (alternating sides)
Air squat (squat w/ both arms in front of body)
Bird/dog- hold for 5 seconds, work on one side, then repeat on other side.
Roll down (similar to pilates version)

Work section (30:22 min.)

Round 1 (5:03 min)

Single dumbbell squat (30 seconds each side): uses just one dumbbell. Same arm as the bent leg (off the floor) is holding the dumbbell, and is reaching for the floor. Repeat on other side.

Dumbbell Uppercut (60 seconds): uses both dumbbells, rotate and alternate single, upper cut punches to each side.

Dumbbell sit-up (60 seconds): uses one dumbbell, held in both hands and extended above the body, while lying on floor> with lift of exercise, arms go above the head> lower down to starting position. Modified exercise: abdominal crunch (just raise shoulders & head off of ground vs. entire upper body).

Side to side lower body rotation/windshield wiper (60 seconds): bodyweight exercise, lie on back w/ both (straight)legs extended up> legs alternate lowering to each side (touch the ground), arms form T on floor. Modified exercise: bend the legs.

Bicycle abs

Active rest (1 min.)

Round 2 (5 min.)

Dumbbell swing (60 seconds): uses one dumbbell for overhead swing.

Dumbbell Chop (60 seconds): Uses one dumbbell, arms are straight (“imagine a half of a circle” and they move on “at a diagonal”), rotate on balls of feet.

Repeat Dumbbell swing and chop on the other side.

Prone Dumbbell side press: plank position w/ dumbbells held under both hands> 1 arm side press w/ 5 second hold, alternating sides.

Active Rest (1 min.)

Round 3 (5 min.)

Power Sit-up (60 seconds): explosive motion on the lift portion of exercise. Arms start above the head, move to (“drive elbows to the hips”), provide momentum in the lift.

Glute bridge (30 seconds): single leg, isometric hold for the straight leg (held in line w/ the level of the knee).

Leg Raises (30 seconds): Lie on back> both legs lift up (slight bend in kness), heels tap floor (return to starting position).

Repeat Glute Bridge on the other side.

V-up (30 seconds): similar to leg raise exercise but arms meet the legs (hands touch toes).

Repeat entire sequence.

Active rest (1min.)

Round 4 (5 min.)

Opposites (2 min.): Bird/Dog exercise but in plank position, with the working leg straightened (not bent in quadruped position), 5 second hold, alternate sides. Modified version: quadruped position/on knees.

Lateral Plank (2 min): Plank position into alternating lateral plank, 5 second holds each side.

Straight sit-up (1 min.): similar to the roll-up in the warm-up> lie on back w/ arms overhead, feet flexed> roll up w/ upper body> return to starting position> repeat. Modified exercise: crunch w/ arms at sides of head (just lifting shoulders off of floor).

Round 5 (5:42 min.)

Back bend (min.): performed on balls of feet, 30 second hold. Modified exercise: glute bridge. This exercise is so hard to because it’s placed in the last round (obviously designed that way to challenge you).

Navasana/Sit Thru/ Hindu Push-up/Sit Thru (2 min.): Navasana/boat pose (from seated position on floor, bring both legs up, 45 degree angle, to form V w/ body)>Sit thru (arms hold body in cross-legged position, transition into plank position)>Hindu Push-up (similar to dive bombers, but you don’t go back under on the return to starting position, just go into downward dog/upside down V w/ body)>sit thru (bring body forward into cross-legged position into Navasana/boat pose). Max reps.

Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)

Repeat entire sequence.

Cooldown (6: 52 min)- all on floor, 30 second hold for each exercise

Hip flexor stretch w/ arm up, repeat on other side

Side straddle (full split position) or butterfly stretch (alternate exercise)

Hamstring stretch (both legs, straight, facing forward, bend at waist & arms reach forward)

Hip extensor/abductor stretch- legs both bent to 90 degrees, one in front and one in the back (front leg, outside of leg is flat on floor, back leg has inside of leg is flat on floor)> bend at waist to bring upper body forward (as far as possible), elbows rest on floor.

Lat stretch- start in quadruped position> extend both arms forward> sit/drop back the butt to the heels and hold (cues to widen stance of knees to also stretch the adductors).

Chest & shoulders stretch- arms straightened in the back of the body & hands clasped together, and arms are lifting upwards, this is performed while sitting on the heels.

Instructor Comments:
Great instruction by Erik, he demos & provides a lot of modification for exercises in this workout.