Walk Your Belly Flat

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Walk Your Belly Flat is one of my most favorite Leslie workouts because it goes by so fast for me. If it's not #1 of my favorite Leslie workouts, it's #2. (I couldn't believe there weren't any reviews on this one yet!) I find this walk to be engaging and brisk and energizing. This 3-mile walk is about 42 minutes long and that includes the warm-up & cool down. Then, Leslie goes right into the floor work.

Leslie doesn't do any radical new moves in this workout. If you've done other workouts, you've done the moves in this one. However, to me, she seemed to put together a few more combinations: a multiple-knee combination (1, 2, and 4 knees), moving forward and back with walking and knees, side steps into grapevine, etc. The workout just seems to flow to me.

You might wonder how this walk focuses on the belly. There is the floor work at the end. And, there are the knee lifts. She mainly does knee lifts with your legs apart - with more double and quadruple knee lifts than usual. In her talking, she also emphasizes that burning calories reduces belly fat. She explains that ab work tones the muscles, but that cardio burns the fat away. So it's also really her commentary/terminology that focuses on the belly. She stresses that reducing the size of the belly is more important than weighing a certain amount.

This workout features a countdown timer for each mile. There is a little bit of boosted walking in this workout. While she does just a little bit earlier in the walk, the longest boost is in the middle of the 3rd mile for 1 minute. There are messages on the screen throughout this walk (like many of the new walks) that correlate to things Leslie is saying. There are also messages to tell you when you have walked half a mile and a full mile.

Many of you are going to want to know about the music. I'm one of those people who doesn't notice music unless it's really good or really bad. And, I don't remember a thing about it in this workout. Sorry! (Someone needs to add a review that has that info!)

Instructor Comments:
In my mind, there are two Leslies who lead workouts - Hyper Leslie and Calm Leslie. Calm Leslie leads this workout. I really like her in this workout even though she does the same things she does in all her other workouts - talk health, not looks; go through the same moves, etc.

Laura S.