Rapid Fire: Kick, Box, and Core Burn

Susan Chung
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is an 83 minute cardio kickboxing workout that has a real cardio kickboxing gym class feel to it. Its chaptered extremely well so you can choose the length of your workout and includes PLENTY of premixes ranging from 25- 45 minutes. Susan works out in an authentic looking kickboxing gym w/ 3 background exercisers- 1 showing lower impact modifications. Optional equipment includes medicine/ weighted ball, heavy bag, boxing or weighted gloves.

Main sections include: Warmup (8 min), Shadow Boxing (18 min), Aerobic Kickboxing (21 min), Heavy Bag (13 min), Standing Core/Abs Ball Work (8 min), Floor Core/Abs Ball Work (8 min), and Stretch (6 min). Moves include: punch & kick combos, shuffling, jacks, etc. and lots of great standing and floor core work.

LOVED every section in this workout! I really enjoy boxing and kickboxing but am not into overly choreographed routines- this fits the bill perfectly! This workout is very unique to any other dvd I've tried (thats saying a lot), it reminds me of an authentic cardio kickboxing gym workout. So much variety to keep you interested and the time really flew by. I love that its chaptered so well and has so many premixes- making it super versatile.

I dont have a heavy bag but didnt feel that I was missing anything in the bag work by not having one. If you have a bag- I would say this w/o is a must have! Great core work, great cardio, great toning/slimming work! In the shadow boxing section Susan and crew hold 1 lb weights- WOW great upper body workout! I will def feel it in my lats & shoulders tomorrow. The core sections they use a 6 lb core ball and that really made the work tough, fun, and unique (lots of new moves here!).

I would rate this a high intermediate workout that really got my heartrate up- easy to modify up or down and appropriate for most levels. I was drenched in sweat by the end. I really like Susan as a lead- loved her energy and demeanor are fantastic and her cuing was spot on! Highly recommend this workout and can't wait for more from Susan. I received a copy of this workout to review.



I was one of the lucky winners to have won this DVD in a contest. I just did this DVD today. I had been wanting it for a long time after watching some clips. This is my first time doing a review. I consider myself to be an intermediate/advanced exerciser. I am currently 47 years old, I started working out about a year and a half ago. I thought the warm up portion of this workout was very good, I really liked it. The shadow boxing was my favorite part of the workout, I wore one pound weighted gloves, very easy to follow and great cueing. I really liked the kickboxing portion as well, I got lost a few times on some of the kicks but that will come easy the next time I do the workout. There were a few parts where the bouncing kicks were that I thought the camera should have been on her legs and feet, I stood there till I saw what was to be done and then rewinded and did it from the beginning on that section. I really loved the crescent kicks with the curtsy crossover. I got a great sweat going on during this portion. I watched the heavy bag portion of this, but since I don't have a bag, I just couldn't get into it. A heavy bag is definitely on my list of things to buy because this does look like a lot of fun, perhaps I will try it again next time without a bag, maybe I will be able to get into it then. I would have liked to see a modifier doing it without the bag for this portion. I really enjoyed the medicine ball portion of this, both the standing and the floor portions. I used a four pound ball for most of it, the part where she does the oblique side bends, I went to a five pound as that is the only size I have with a handle. The stretch at the end was awesome and felt so good. I would rate this workout as high intermediate/advanced. I really love kickboxing workouts and this is my new favorite. It is an awesome workout and I totally recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
I had never heard of her before but Susan Chung was delightful. I hope she makes some more workouts, I will definitely buy them.

Sarah N.


I was lucky enough to win this DVD in a VF contest but I was already very interested in this workout based on the enthusiasm I read about on the Reader Forum. I am a huge kickboxing fan; itís my favorite type of workout. Well, I absolutely love this workout. For her first DVD, Susan Chung has produced an almost perfect product. She obviously paid attention to what DVD users want in a workout. Itís a wonderful combination of fun and effectiveness. She has a nice demeanor and relatively good cueing. I did the entire workout the first time through, about 90 minutes total including warm-up and cool down. It is very well chaptered and each of the sections can be done separately very easily or all together for a longer workout. There are also a number of premixes. The box, unlike many DVDs, contains detailed information on the workout as well as information on equipment needed.
She has three background exercisers (one shows modifications) and the background itself is gym-like with equipment and blue flooring. I would rate the workout level as advanced with some higher impact moves (easily modifiable). The warm-up is a nice flowing one with stretches. The shadow boxing and kickbox segments both have add-on combos that really get the heart rate going. The combos are relatively easy to learn. Susan uses hand weights to make it more effective. I didnít use any added weights and still got sweaty and winded. I may add weighted gloves once I learn the routine. I didnít think I would use the heavy bag section because I donít have one. But I found it wasnít necessary to do the routine. The core work is extremely challenging but effective. There are both standing and floor core sections. She uses a medicine-like ball with handles. I used a regular medicine ball but will probably use a dumbbell next time, at least for the standing portion. It kept slipping out of my hands and I was afraid of smashing my tv! By the time I got to the cool down I was completely exhausted and ready for a good stretch. Even the stretch was perfect, a thorough and relaxing one that left my muscles feeling nicely stretched out.
I only have a couple of things that I didnít particularly care for. The background modifier was hard to see, she was almost directly behind Susan. There were a couple of times when Susan was cueing on what to do with the feet but the camera was on her face. There were a few too many jumping jacks for my taste. And, there was a knee curtsey move that felt unsafe for my knee. But those things are small and easy to modify. Overall it is a wonderful kickboxing workout. I hope Susan will be doing many more DVDs in the future!

Sophie H