Element Power Yoga

Ashley Turner
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

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This is a 60 minute yoga routine led by Ashley with no background exercisers. Ashley works out outdoors in a beautiful outdoor garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are tons of trees, flowers, and lush greenery! You won't need any props for this workout. The dvd is voice-over and the music is very nice.

This yoga routine is very flowing and is definatley more mind/ body than athletic in nature. The pace is moderate and the moves are flowing. You will focus on breath work and proper pose posture. In the beginning, Ashley has you set your intention for the workout and you refocus on that intention throughout the routine. The intention portion is almost like a prayer and she talks about focusing your energy/ harnessing your inner power throughout the workout.

The routine has plenty of sun salutation variations- including chair, swan dive, warrior 1, 2, & 3, runners lunge, full bridge, Mt. pose, childs pose, cobra, down-dog, up-dog, crescent pose, deep lunge w/ arm rolls, neck rolls, yoga pushups, balance pose, reverse warrior, and the routine concludes with a stretch.

There is also a nice core routine in the middle of the routine and includes: double leg lift, cat-cow, side planks, V sits, low hover, bicycle V sits, yoga bicycle, butterfly/clam oblique work, leg pulls, etc.

I would rate this an intermediate yoga routine that includes a nice core work section. If you are a fan of mind/body yoga you will really enjoy this routine. Ashley is very good with form pointers and her cuing is superb; she is obviously a very seasoned instructor. The dvd is easy to do as a whole or break it up if youre short on time. I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review.