GSP RushFit Full Body Strength & Conditioning

Erik Owings
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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These trainin workout is a perfecto for the slob emilio fron souta beach to perform with glorita or his novio marikita, who is ever the ones.
Georgie San Pee air is excelent MMA guy and he's instructor ERic Win also good but he no have personalida, very plains.
Emilio down in estar islands first gets a purgante or laxitive to flush out all the kaka fron his fundijos and thens he have mas energia to do all rushfits with la cantante famosa gorditas gloria.
my suggest they practice rushfits to musica like la congas or turns thes beats arounds and get good chape for miamos frown machines.
Mosas gratiass for listen to my reviews of grate GSP exercises with Erics owings



I liked this workout a lot, you don't use heavy weights, rather it's more focused on max reps w/ light-moderate weights done at a brisk pace (in the cued time given). There is a good cardio effect, and great detailed form pointers cued that allow people to modify the workout to suit their needs (for beginner+).

Full Body Strength & Conditioning (about 45 min./rounded the times, warm-up= 10 min, rounds= 29 min. & cooldown= 6 min)

Warm-up- exercises done for 1minute each (think it was 10 or so)

Consists of 5 rounds of exercises, all 5 min. duration of time, all exercises are done w/ a fast pace, but with ideal form. 1min. rest between rounds

Round 1 (bodyweight exercises)
10 air squats (fast-paced bodyweight squat), 5 hindu push-ups (similar to dive bombers, but you donít go back under on the return to starting position, just go into downward dog/ upside down V with body), then repeat. Do as many rounds of the two exercises as you can in 5 min.

Round 2
Alternating Turkish Get-up into 1 arm dumbbell row w/ single leg (opposite leg as arm rowing, think it was 3-4 rows total), after rows are completed, switch arms to work on the alternate side. Do as many reps as possible in 5 min.

Round 3
This is different from the previous rounds in that it has a set of exercises, then 30 second rest, then it is repeated again (Round 4 is similar).

Dumbbell piston (squat into shoulder press)
Dumbbell squat thrust (hold dumbbells in front/close to body, place on floor>squat thrust>return to standing position)
Dumbbell sumo high pull (wide squat into high pull)
Dumbbell narrow (tricep) push-up (hold dumbbells, place on floor while performing the push-ups)
Repeat sequence

Round 4 (30 seconds of work, 5 seconds given to transition to next exercise)
Alternate backward lunge (reverse lunge>knee up)
Alternating Y Press
Internal/External (rotation) curl (form similar for biceps curl but arms rotate up & in then out to the sides vs. curling up & down, arms alternate)
Crossback lunge w/ reach (curtsey lunge w/ both arms reaching w/ dumbbells in the front)
Repeat sequence

Round 5 (3 sets of exercises)
Dumbbell prone row (Renegade row=plank>alternating row)
Dumbbell power clean
Dumbbell Push Press
No rest, repeat sequence again
Then repeat all of the exercises, but blend together into a seamless one (one transitions into the next)


Instructor Comments:
Erik Owings is a knowledgable, no-nonsense instructor. He provides clear instruction, explanation of exercises (purpose & how some connect to those in a fight), form pointers and motivation for when the workout gets tough (at end of each round/circuit). Erik does perform some of the exercises, more for demo purposes, and then discusses what the other exercisers are doing (mostly Georges St. Pierre, and the female background exerciser, who performs the low impact/intensity modification).