Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss Daily Quickies DVD, Abs Only Workout

Rania Bossonis
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Abs/Core , Bellydance

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I really like the Abs-only workout on this DVD. It works your abs really hard! She does a mixture of bellydance inspired standing work with PIlates floorwork.

The legs section is also nice with a combination of dance-inspired standing work and traditional floorwork.

The arms workout is a waste of time.

The stretch is quite good if you ignore the squats in the beginning.

The bellydance abs workout is pretty good if you like bellydance.

This DVD is dirt cheap on Amazon and therefore worth it for the abs workouts alone.

Peggy T


The Abs Only workout on this DVD is TOUGH! I think the standing ab work at the beginning should have been a sign that this was going to be a killer workout (sucking the abs in & out, sucking in the top & bottom abs to create an ab wave). Rania has AWESOME abs, really a terrific figure in general.

It's 11min of ab work - after the first standing exercise it's all floorwork, mostly traditional work with advanced positions. Crunches with the legs straight (harder than it looks), oblique twists with a upper raise/twist/upper raise/down tempo, lower ab work (legs straight overhead & lift, legs overhead then out like a v-sit), oblique twists. It just goes on & on! Can't believe how hard this workout is.

I think I will have serious DOMS tomorrow. On the plus side the music is pop instrumental with a good beat, the set & production are professional (Natural Journeys), the chaptering & DVD options are awesome (music only, Dolby 5.1). It's cued entirely with voice-over.

On the minus side there is little/no form pointers, there are no options shown for less advanced exercisers, and folks with back problems are not going to be able to do straight-leg crunches and v-sits. Oh yes, it's supposed to be 10min long and it's actually 11min - not that I was counting but SHEESH I was dying!

I had to stop & rest many times, this was so demanding. I'm going to have to rank this up there with Tamilee's I want those Abs Level 2 workout, or her Tighter Assets 10min Abs Workout.

I viewed the Legs/Buns quickie workout and it doesn't seem particularly demanding, lots of dance-inspired standing leg lifts & plies. I'll have to investigate the rest of this DVD...

Instructor Comments:
Rania is beautiful, with inspiring abs. Her form is very good on these exercises, a tribute to her advanced fitness level.

In her voice-over narration she doesn't give many form pointers. I think that her workouts would benefit from more instruction. But her voice is calm & motivating.