Inside Out Method Rev Cardio Conditioning

Bob Harper
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This workout is part of the Inside Out Method series from Bob Harper, which (IMO) go for a more “gritty” feel. This workout, like the strength, Bob’s workout, and yoga workouts which were all released at the same time in a package, are in a dark gritty open gym with lockers lining part of the walls. This workout requires one heavy dumbbell for kettlebell-type moves (I used a 10 or 15# bell) and a very light pair for weighted cardio work (I used #3 bells; Bob recommended 3# for women and 5# for men). Bob teaches PT style with two women and one male backgrounder. One of the women (the petite one in the front) really slams it and seems to be the advanced modifier. The music is bland rock-type and mostly just background noise. Total run time is about 61 minutes which includes a longish warmup of 6 or 7 minutes and a disappointingly short stretch of about 3 minutes. There is a countdown timer which I certainly appreciated.

While there were no organized circuits in this workout, it seemed like Bob would lead the team through a long kettlebell set, followed by a long unweighted athletic cardio set, followed by another long kettlebell set, another long unweighted cardio set, and towards the end, Bob introduced the light bells with lots of high intensity cardio work and high reps for the upper body, finished with some standing ab work and some side plank lifts, and ended with a short stretch. Let me just say I loved all of the kettlebell work. Ironically it felt like there was more kettlebell work in this one than in Bob’s two kettlebell workouts! (Because this one is longer, I suppose that’s why). He included swings, one handed alternating swings, suitcase swings (legs together as in chair pose while swinging on one side), I think there were also cleans and overhead press. I used a 15# bell mostly and this did really have a cardio impact. For the unweighted work, he had you go through several reps (excessively) of walk out to planks with some pushup and mountain climbers, along with simple jumping jacks and plyo squats. The light weights at the end were also jumping jacks with overhead presses and that sort of move. At the very end he also included a set of tuck jumps which was really challenging when you were fatigued.

I wouldn’t say it was a fun workout (it was a bit grueling and long) but it certainly got the job done and I did really enjoyed the kettlebell work. I was tickled pink with myself that I could keep up (sometimes I was still going when the people on screen were winded!) which shows me my endurance has really improved. This is definitely an advanced workout due to the length and endurance style exercises. I do think it would have been better for Bob to emphasize a long stretch afterwards; as presented, it was barely an afterthought (he had more stretches going on in the warm up), and there could have been more forethought or organization to the overall workout, but it still made a good workout. It definitely has a place in my collection as a kick butt endurance style cardio workout with kettlebell work. Overall grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
Bob is a great instructor. He is encouraging and gives moderately good form pointers and if I remember correctly he mirror cued in this one (not in his others). Sometimes the reps were uneven but it wasn’t by very much. The petite girl that did the most advanced work was really an inspiration.

Emily B.


This dvd has a 60 minute cardio & sculpting interval workout and a 25 minute all strength workout on it. Bob (the Biggest Loser trainer) works out w/ 3 background exercisers on a really cool gym style set. You will need dumbbells for this workout. One backgound'er shows some easier modifications. There is a timer bar that counts down the hour & tells you what exercise is coming up.

The cardio & strength work in this is progressive as Bob constantly adds in new challenges- such as a hop or upper body work. Bob acts as a personal trainer in this- shows you the move & then coaches the others. You will find a TON of variety in this from kickboxing, kettle bell inspired work, athletic calisthenics, and gym style strength work.

Some of the moves include: Mt. climbers, pushups, walk out planks, jacks, punches, lots of kettlebell swing variations, static squats (ouch!), dead lift & upright rows, fast floor touch squats, fast feet, 180 jumps, overhead press, scorpion pushups, and jumping jacks.

I would rate this a low advanced cardio and strength workout. Bob does a great job of keeping things moving and really working those muscles- including the heart! If you are a fan of Bob and are looking for a challenging cardio + strength workout- this is the dvd for you! I received this dvd from Collage Video to review.