Inside Out Method: Kettlebell Sculpted Body

Bob Harper
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Kettlebell, Total Body Workouts

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This workout is part of the Inside Out Method series from Bob Harper, which (IMO) go for a more ďgrittyĒ feel in a strange smallish, dark room with big white panels. Kettlebell Sculpted Body (as well as Kettlebell Cardio Shred, released at the same time) features Bobís contour kettlebells from GoFit, which I have and really love the ergonomic way the bell curves around your forearm. I think they are worth the investment. Bob teaches PT style with one woman, Stephanie, actually performing the workouts. The music is bland rock-type and mostly just background noise. Bob demonstrates moves using the blue 20# bell while the woman working the entire time uses the red 15# bell. I used my 10-15-20# bells because the exercises are endurance based. Total run time is 49 minutes which includes a dynamic stretch-style warm up of about 5 minutes and a nice long cool down of about 7 minutes.

Like Kettlebell Cardio Shred, Bob really works on endurance and leads you quickly through several exercises: double hand swing (several sets), one arm swing staying on one side then alternating, clean, clean and press, windmills, alternating front lunge holding kettlebell, biceps curls with bell, suitcase swings, plenty of pushup sets paired with a walking side to side plank move on all fours, mountain climbers (two sets), standing cross body knee crunches (two sets), twisting side to side with kettlebell (three sets, first two focused on one side only), a shoulder move where you push the kettlebell out in front of you then back in to chest (three sets, hold arms out at the end of second two sets), halos.

Unlike Kettlebell Cardio Shred (which I liked better), Bob spends an annoying amount of time explaining moves (sometimes even AFTER the reps are doneÖso itís like whatís the point?) and youíre just standing there while your heart rate is going down. I also donít like that Bob did not have a distinct number of reps he wanted you to do (like he did in KCS) rather he just winged it or expected Stephanie to count, and sometimes you got slightly more reps on one side than another. In general I just felt like he didnít keep you moving at the fast pace he did in KCS and there was more downtime. There seemed like a slightly less variety of moves (thankfully some different moves than KCS to shake things up) but overall any boredom just came from Bob giving too much explanation.

For the reasons I mentioned (downtime) I rate this workout slightly less challenging than KCS, however, I was able to keep up using the 15# bell for most moves (instead of 10# for KCS) and even 20# at times. I think this is because, as the titles would indicate, this was more strength focused with KCS being more cardio focused (but both are calorie burners, for sure). I would say the workout is high intermediate-low advanced using the 15# bell and could be made easier or harder depending on poundage used. I do enjoy kettlebell workouts very much, and appreciate that Bobís are readily available and affordable, and he did in general do a very good job. It will be staying in my collection cause I love kettlebell work. Overall grade B.

Instructor Comments:
Bob is a great instructor. He is encouraging while still being down to business, not too chatty, and he is more serious in this one. I think he did really try to explain the moves but simply dawdled too much in this one, and he wasnít paying close attention to reps. I thought Stephanie demonstrated good form. He did make a funny joke at the very end, said if you arenít this sweaty (gesturing at a drenched Stephanie) then rewind the workout and start over again. (I was sufficiently sweaty :-) ) LOL!

Emily B.