Elle Yoga

Tara Stiles
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

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If you don't like sun salutations or lots of chaturanga vinyasas then you're in luck.

There are no sun salutations and maybe only one or two vinyasas but they're done very slowly so it doesn't feel like you're doing them.

There are two workouts:

Workout #1 - Flexibility (20 minutes):

Wrist stretches on all fours
Down dog split, bring knee to chest (3x)
Low lunge, revolved low lunge
Sit back on heel with one leg extended
Stand back up into pyramid pose, go back to down dog
Repeat on other side

Down dog split into Warrior 3 into pigeon, twisting pigeon, king pigeon pose, hanumasana, down dog
Forward Bends - hands under feet, feet on palms, elbows out
Down Dog, malasana, twisting malasana, bound malasana
Seated Forward Bend
Janu Shirshasana and twisting
Cradle one leg to chest, extend foot and twist
Sage Twist
Repeat on other side

Bridge, wheel, hug knees to chest
Wrap right knee over left and do supine twist; do supine twist to other side
Come up to seated cross-legged breathing

Ends at 18:43

Workout #2 - Strength Building (25 minutes):

Wrist stretches on all 4s alternating between right and left
Plank - 1 minute
Side plank to each side

Lower slowly into chaturanga, hold up dog, down dog
Lift leg to down dog split and lower to side (3x)
Bring knee to chest and then into low lunge
Do a high lunge, bend and straighten leg 3x
Twisting warrior
Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior
Side angle into triangle (bound if you wish), and back to side angle
Warrior 3
Reverse half moon
Half moon
Bound half moon to standing into dancer's pose
Bring knee in to tree pose, then reach for big toe to do big toe pose front, side and front
Bring leg into Warrior 3, down dog split, lower into 1-legged plank, up dog, down dog
Crow pose, down dog, forearm stand
Repeat other side
On 2nd side when she does forearm stand, she lifts one leg, then the other (R,L,R,L)
Child's pose
Plank, lower down to floor
Bow pose (2x), child's pose
Down dog
Lift R leg into down dog split and bring to side (3x), bring forward into full split, bring back into down dog split
Low Lunge, Twisting High Lunge and Low Lunge
Reverse Warrior with hands clasped behind back
Plough, shoulderstand, plough, shavasana
Roll up to seated cross-legged

Ends at 45:33 (I might be a few seconds off).

I would classify these as intermediate workouts (especially the second one due to the balance poses and the need for more flexibility and core strength). She doesn't hold the poses very long. Gives form pointers throughout. I liked both workouts. You can pick either one to do separately or there is an option to pick the 45 minute workout. I also noticed there were bonus workouts but I haven't gotten a chance to look at them yet.

Instructor Comments:
Tara instructs via voiceover which didn't bother me at all. She does give form pointers throughout and gives modifications to go more or less advanced.