Resist-A-Ball Rhythmic Stretch & Strengthen

Rebecca Lloyd
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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I always reach for Rhythmic Stretch & Strengthen when I’m super sore and stiff (usually the day after doing one of the Spinervals “Ultra-Conditioning” workouts).

Rhythmic Stretch & Strengthen is a thorough 50-minute dynamic stretching session on the stability ball. It is ranked as Intermediate/Advanced at; you need good strength and balance to perform most of the exercises.

The workout is led by Rebecca Lloyd, who appears in some of the other Resist-A-Ball workouts, and shot on the same set as some of the other DVDs in the series, in what looks like a wood-panelled ski lodge. Like the other “ski lodge” workouts, it requires little space. The score is pleasant but unmemorable instrumental music.

After a thorough warm-up, Rebecca moves into some standing balance work while moving the stability ball for an added challenge. These exercises also stretch the hamstrings and glutes. Rebecca then transitions into a flowing series of dynamic stretches which utilise the ball for an added range of motion.

The only aspect of this DVD I don’t like is that Rebecca throws in crunches, as well as triceps dips and push-ups with your hands on the ball. I know “Strengthen” is part of the title, but these exercises seem out of place in what is essentially a dynamic stretching session. I keep my Resist-A-Band handy and use it to stretch my shoulders during the dips and push-ups, and stretch my abs and back by rolling supine on the ball during the crunches.

Other than that quibble, the workout is very well designed, and provides a great all-over stretch, particularly for your hips, hamstrings, shoulders and lower back. Rebecca also introduces a move which she calls “wringing out the spine”. This sounds rather alarming, but is a lovely spinal twist on the ball.

Rhythmic Stretch & Strengthen always leaves me feeling relaxed and thoroughly stretched out.

Ratings out of five:

Production values ****

Workout design ****

Instruction *****

Fun factor ****

Music ****
Meets expectations *****

Overall ****½

Instructor Comments:
Rebecca is a very encouraging instructor who gives constant alignment tips and explains which muscles you are working.