ChiBall Yoga

Lynley Gladdis, Sarah Read
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

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About the ChiBall Method: The Australian company ChiBall World has developed the ChiBall Method, an exercise philosophy which incorporates the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Tai Chi and Chi Gong, chi ball dance, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, meditation and aroma and colour therapy.

ChiBall World sell their own 4oz, inflatable scented chi balls (like a small stability ball with a diameter of about 6”) with a different aroma for each workout, recommending an orange-scented, orange-coloured ball for ChiBall Yoga. I have found it worthwhile to invest in one of the ChiBall World balls, particularly for their DVDs such as this one, in which the ball is used for self-massage. ChiBall Yoga also incorporates the ball into the yoga poses, using it for focus and alignment in a very uncontrived way.

ChiBall Yoga is a slow-moving, meditative 60-minute yoga practice which would be suitable for beginners, or anyone who wants to spend an hour relaxing and stretching. It’s a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

ChiBall Master Trainers Lynley Gladdis and Sarah Read perform the routine on a simple white set decorated with an Asian-inspired screen and lit candles. The specially-composed atmospheric music enhances the soothing ambience. Lynley provides voice-over instruction.

The DVD provides a “music only” option, and is well-chaptered from the main menu into the following segments, or you can play the entire session.

Breath Focus (7 mins) deep breathing in a simple cross-legged position.

Seated Stretch (3 mins) using the chi ball for an added range of motion.

Modified Sun Salutations (7 mins) This segment uses the chi ball tucked between your thighs, just above your knees, for alignment.

Standing Stretches (5 mins) include gentle side bends, Mountain Pose and Chair, using the chi ball for focus and alignment.

Standing Leg Work (16 mins) Still using the chi ball for focus and alignment, this segment includes Warrior, Triangle, Reverse Warrior, Dancer’s Pose, and Tree.

Sun Salutations (5 mins) This more conventional sun salutation sequence is performed with or without the chi ball.

Twists and Folds (5 mins) This segment uses the partially-deflated chi ball to massage the lower back.

Relaxation (4 minutes) A guided meditation in savasana.

You can see a clip of ChiBall Yoga and order the DVDs, chi balls and music CDs from

Ratings out of five:
Production values *****

Workout design *****

Instruction ****

Relaxation factor *****

Music *****
Meets expectations *****

Overall *****

Instructor Comments:
Fitting the relaxing feel of this workout, Lynley provides enough instruction so that you can follow along, without going into detailed form pointers.